2017 “GLM 40” Highlight in Business & Finance: iChange Nations

The 2017 “GLM 40 Edition” highlights iChange Nations in the area of Business & Finance. Dr. Clyde Rivers is the Founder and President of iChange Nations™ that has been acknowledged as the Largest Establishing Cultures of Honor Network in the world. He is the leading expert of Golden Rule Dialogue and been appointed the Spokesperson for World Civility Day, originating out of Indiana USA. Dr. Rivers received the Martin Luther King Award as well as the Celia University Global Journalism Award. He has worked in over 60 nations and gained understanding of tribalism, racism, cultural diversity and what it will take to bring unity through the message of the Golden Rule. Ambassador Rivers is the Director of the North American Division of the Gold Rule International. Working with Ambassador Mussie Hailu and Former President of Ethiopia, Girma Wolde Giorgis. Dr. Rivers is acting World Peace Ambassador for the Universal Peace Federation with Special Consultant Status for Economics for the United Nations. He is also the acting Representative to the United Nations – New York for the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative (IPI) and the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI). We are proud to recognize iChange Nations in the area of Business & Finance for their extraordinary achievement in the year of 2017!

Website: http://ichangenations.org/

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