Heart2Heart with Jessica

My love for entrepreneurship: After college, I was a stay at home mother and wife for many years. My divorce forced me into the working world; and I was searching for a good fit, and was so discouraged when I started to realize my dream job did not exist. Many mornings I would wake up and feel my heart’s heaviness and yearning for more. I dread the moment I would have to “sign my body into prison walls for 8 hrs that day”. I hopped around from job to job trying out different things… I never felt as though any 9-to-5 job allowed me to fulfill my desires; my ideas and creativity! I wasn’t satisfied just making a paycheck; I wanted to fulfill my purpose, help my community and be someone my kids could be inspired by.

Why PR/Journalism…? I’ve always had a desire for knowledge and a curiosity that fed my need to find answers. I’ve always found myself more of a “jack of all trades” instead of a master one; which I found to be a common trait among other journalist. I have a broad range of interests. I love adventure and travel. I want to discover new and beautiful things in the world around me. I have a desire to influence and inspire others.

I graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) with a dual undergrad degree: psychology and human health services with a minor in philosophy. I’ve always been intrigued with human behavior; especially Leadership psychology: the emotional and psychological realities that underlie driving forces behind a person choosing to take the leap into entrepreneurship and leadership roles.

I look forward to working and networking with fellow entrepreneurs; not only to help their individual business, but also to hear their personal story of overcoming their fears and living out their professional dream. We will focus on the human journey of being an entrepreneur; while having insightful and interactive conversations with entrepreneurs.

Jessica Heart Owner of Heart2Heart Public Relations, LLC

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