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Entrepreneurship makes the world go around. In this issue, GLM decided to highlight a couple of entrepreneurs that are making an impact with their small business. Check out their feature below:

Dr. Richmond Annan, who is the Global Advisor and a World Civility Ambassador to iCN, has traveled the world engaging with diplomats, government officials and business tycoons to facilitate and foster peace and development. iRG operates at the nexus of US-Africa economic policy, trade and business development. With offices in Texas, and Accra, Ghana, and strategic partners across Europe, the US and Africa. We provide unsurpassed access to opportunities and leaders across the continent.

GLM: How and when did you get started in your business?

Dr. Annan: Well, I have been working for 16 years as an executive and management consultant serving multiple billion dollar industries; mainly across the landscape of US and a few international countries. I had multiple business ideas on how businesses could become successful with simple tweaks to their approach in business. The strategic ideas came from the many years of working in the business industry. Learning from the other business mistakes and the passion of wanting to help the least and young entrepreneurs was my clue to start my own. I can be successful helping businesses turn the corner to more profit margins.

GLM: What inspires you as an entrepreneur? Why?

Dr. Annan: My family. We are all born to make a difference. I heard it was once said that 80% of people who die, die on Monday mornings. Why? Because they hated waking up to go to a job they didn’t like. Being a successful entrepreneur gives you the freedom of deciding how your Monday should go like. As an entrepreneur, you have the choice to make Monday feel like Friday; and the best of it, I don’t have to be away from the family every week. Whether I travel with a diplomatic core to meet a leader of a country or broker big deals, the end game is my lovely wife and kids waiting on me back home. That’s my inspiration.

GLM:  If you could sit with anyone to learn about business and life, who would it be?

Dr. Annan: To be honest, I don’t have anyone in mind that I have idolized or have desired to sit at their feet. The closest I came to was my dad. How he became successful and then lost it all. That’s a learning curve. Most of the successful business people we know have failed multiple times, but with shear determination have made it. I can sit with the newspaper seller down the road and watch him sell his merchandise and I will learn a thing or two. I can sit with the most effective businessman and I may end up not learning anything at all. I think the stages of learning is born out of the need to wanting to be in the position of bettering someone else’s life. Any entrepreneur that has this in mind, will always learn on the road. When you know that there is enough room at the top for everyone, you  will learn little things everywhere you go to help you grow your business.

I was at the hotel the other day and watched the cleaner meticulously clean the windows that lined up the hotel; and when I inquired how old the windows were, he said he has been cleaning this window everyday for 8 years. Yet they looked brand new like it was just installed. You know the truth, this cleaner is one of the paramount reason the hotel is a five star. What did I learn? I learned dedication and paying attention to details is crucial to retaining customers.

GLM: What was your first entrepreneurial endeavor and how much has it changed from where you are today?

Dr. Annan: I started my entrepreneur business in Ghana, West Africa in the year 1999; and it was an aquarium business. I will market and sell the aquarium by designing it from scratch. I loved the ocean and its beautiful creatures. The closest I could get was to build aquariums and watch those fishes have a time of their life. This is how it changed my life.

Each one I built was for a well off individual in society. They enjoyed it in their living rooms and offices and told me how it relieves stressful times by sitting and just watching for a few minutes. It was then I learned the finest things in life doesn’t need to be expensive, and yet they are. In order to eliminate the phrase “I can’t afford it” for simple things in life, I have refuse to not succeed. It cost a whole months salary for a nice aquarium and many couldn’t afford it – and I felt bad. The materials were expensive. I decide to give free aquariums if I could from my profits. That was a long haul. Instead, I will work to rise to the top, that way I can help more people when the time is right with the simple things in life that can relief stress. We don’t need to be wealthy to be happy, we just need enough to afford whatever we desire that brings joy to our lives.

Your goal as an entrepreneur is not to be wealthy, your goal is to succeed so that you can help others. In that is satisfaction and in that you will find your purpose. With that mindset, wealth will chase you, not the other way around.

GLM: What one thing that “you know now” as an entrepreneur that you wish you know before you started?

Dr. Annan: That’s a really good question and a tough one. Focus on things that matter the most and don’t sweat the small stuff. I wish I knew early to learn to take deep breaths when it doesn’t seem possible and know that patience and persistence will always triumph over failure.

GLM:  What plans do you have for your business’ expansion?

Dr. Annan: As a business, we have one humble goal: Adopt one business in each African country in the next 10 years and help transform a community with the best, but affordable need of that community.

GLM: How can people stay up-to-date with your product/service offers?

Dr. Annan: We are working to improve our website feed and that will be the most informative medium for now.

GLM:  What accomplishments are you the proudest of since you began your business?

Dr. Annan: Among the few blessings we have endured, the one thing I am very grateful for is the fact that we have not folded as a business; but growing and networking with champion organizations like iCN (iChange Nations) and striving to be an example of the Golden Rule in our workplace. Plus, being in the position to lend a hand where we can.

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