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Entrepreneurship makes the world go around. In this issue, GLM decided to highlight a couple of entrepreneurs that are making an impact with their small business. Check out their feature below:

Simone Morris is CEO of Simone Morris Enterprises, LLC.  Her company offers diversity and inclusion consulting and training, project management training, career management coaching and speaking services.

GLM: How and when did you get started in your business?

Morris: My business includes high-performance coaching, consulting, training and speaking. My focus is on inclusive leadership and women’s empowerment.  I got started in 2015.  I had been doing some consulting work after my last full-time corporate job.  I decided to make it official and became an LLC in 2015.  The journey has been interesting.  It was until 2017 that I decided to stop looking for a full-time job in parallel to running the business.  The transition to fully depending on myself was a scary one.

GLM: What inspires you as an entrepreneur? Why?

Morris: I am inspired by the ability to chart my own course.  I get to make decisions on what interests me.  It’s a continual learning process.  I had to learn that I need to learn and master business development to stay in business.  I had to learn that relationships are key to my success.  I am constantly being enlightened on the entrepreneurial journey.

GLM: If you could sit with anyone to learn about business and life, who would it be?

Morris: It’s hard to narrow it down to one.  I would love to sit down with Oprah, President Obama, and Beyonce.  They all have so much to share.  I am impressed by their journeys and their legacies. I’m passionate about leaving my mark on the world and I’d love to talk to them and soak up all that wisdom. One day!

GLM: What was your first entrepreneurial endeavor and how much has it changed from where you are today?

Morris: I have had my hand in the entrepreneurial space before this business.  I had a business called, Creative Ventures.  I used to use my creative skills to create logos, brochures, etc.  I used to also do training on software applications.  It’s interesting; I realize I wasn’t as diligent as I needed to be to succeed.  With each business, I got a bit closer to succeeding as an entrepreneur. There’s a mindset that’s required. You have to decide that you’re all in and I finally decided I’m all in.

GLM: What one thing that “you know now” as an entrepreneur that you wish you know before you started?


  1. I know that being in business is not just about talent! You have to master business development or hire someone to do it for you.
  2. You also have to embrace the art of networking and building relationships.
  3. Invest in your own development. Have a line item in your budget for training and development for each year. You’re worth it.

GLM:  What plans do you have for your business’ expansion?

Morris: I want to empower and inspire women globally. I have my eye on the Caribbean, the UK and Africa.

GLM: How can people stay up-to-date with your product/service offers?

Morris: They can connect with Empowerment Updates via

You can also find me on Instagram at @simonemorrisent

Facebook at Simone Morris Enterprises.

GLM: What accomplishments are you the proudest of since you began your business?

Morris: I think each time I land new business, I applaud myself because it endorses that I’m on the right path.  When I decided I needed to invest in my own development, that was a huge win for me. Entrepreneurs need to invest in their own development. It gives us the skills to succeed.  When you decide you need additional support to succeed is another important decision.  Hiring has allowed me to get some time to focus on the vision of my business.  I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m progressing.

I was also very proud of myself when I was able to secure the certified destination for a woman and minority business enterprise.

Simone Morris, CEO

Simone Morris Enterprises

(929) 399-6241


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