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Entrepreneurship makes the world go around. In this issue, GLM decided to highlight a couple of entrepreneurs that are making an impact with their small business. Check out their feature below:

World Financial Group, Inc. (WFG) is a financial services marketing company whose affiliates offer a broad array of financial products and services.


GLM:  How and when did you get started in your business?

Pascua-Colasito: I got started in WFG in 2000.  I was introduced to the business from my sister first as a client using their services in financial planning.  I was later introduced to the business side about a month later.

GLM: What inspires you as an entrepreneur? Why?

Pascua-Colasito: What inspires me the most is that entrepreneurship gives you control.  You get to control your income!  In a job, you are given a set salary with a salary range.  You may surpass the skill level and qualifications for the job, but you will never be paid what you are worth.  Entrepreneurship gives you choice!

I was over $40k in credit card debt and a job was not going to be able to pay that down fast enough. I had to find a business like WFG that could enhance my income and I was able to pay that debt off in 2 years.

GLM:  If you could sit with anyone to learn about business and life, who would it be?

Pascua-Colasito: I would love to sit with a few people. I can’t just pick one. I would sit with Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, Ed Mylett and Grant Cardone and Tim Story.

GLM: What was your first entrepreneurial endeavor and how much has it changed from where you are today?

Pascua-Colasito: My first business was AVON at the age of 20.  Avon is actually a network marketing business where I learned how to sell.  I didn’t make much but I learned how to connect with people and sell makeup from a catalog. So much has changed since then.  But if it weren’t for my first business, I would have never known I was an entrepreneur at such a young age.

GLM: What one thing that “you know now” as an entrepreneur that you wish you know before you started?

Pascua-Colasito: That some of your friends and family would not be supportive.  I believed in the beginning that they would all do business with me.  It hurt!  Today, they all praise me and ask me how I did it! I had to learn how to stay focus and not worry about the naysayers. I won’t lie, it did hurt. But I knew deep down inside that it would be worth it in the end. Today, my mother travels with me everywhere I go.  My father eventually fell in love with our mission and our business and has forgotten all the negative things he would say.  In the end, I realized they meant well.  Well intended hearts, but were ignorant to business.  I had to teach them that taking calculated risks will prove in the end to be successful.  I had planned my success all along.

GLM: What plans do you have for your business’ expansion?

Pascua-Colasito: My husband and I plan to have an office in every major city in VA Beach.  We are currently expanding to Northern Va.  We have offices in Chesapeake, Suffolk, Richmond, and Alexandria.  More to come!

GLM: How can people stay up-to-date with your product/service offers?

Pascua-Colasito: One to one appointments, corporate open houses,  and financial seminars. My customers get annual reviews and are in direct contact with me and my agents to know any new updates and follow up on all policies.

GLM: What accomplishments are you the proudest of since you began your business?

Pascua-Colasito: My husband and I are Executive Marketing Directors. We have over 150 licensed agents across VA.  We continuously have new associates coming in to learn the industry and acquiring their licenses to practice.  Because of WFG, we have been able to sponsor many charities and events in our local community.  We started the Hampton Roads Women’s Empowerment Event in 2016 and it has grown to where we hold 2 major events a year.

Joanna Pascua-Colasito

WFG Executive Marketing Director

1403 Greenbrier Parkway Suite 500

Chesapeake VA 23320

Contact: 757-287-5895









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