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You have a great business, idea, product, event, etc. & need media attention; but haven’t a clue how to go about getting it.  As the “Connection Coach” & television producer of 30+ years, I have the 7 steps it takes to getting that all-important interview & using it to garner further opportunities.  If this seems a bit overwhelming, we invite you to visit us on www.YourConnectionCoach.com for more information or for a personal consultation.

Step One: Hire a PR (Public Relations) Person
    This is the best option for people who have limited time, aren’t comfortable with writing & have a little money to spend.  PR people are skilled in pitching & writing, have the media connections & can prepare you for the interview.  They also will get a producer’s attention & acknowledgement quicker since they already have a relationship.  This is your best option & well worth the money if you are serious about being involved with the media on a regular basis.
Step Two: Do Your Research
    What shows or media outlets make sense for you?  If you are promoting a family friendly event at your church, most likely you won’t want to do late news or a provocative program.  You need to actually “watch” TV & go on a station’s website to see if they are a fit; and if they have any shows that would highlight your event.  For example: a local morning show is always a good bet; since they are longer programs & always looking for content.  You can also pitch their news department for a feel good story or to have a reporter come out live to your event.
Step Three: Trending Topics
    We live in an immediate world with technology at our fingertips; so you must pay attention to what is grabbing the attention of the masses.  The best way to do this is on social media, watching TV & through news/sports/celebrity apps.  TV stations are always looking for guests who can talk on a trending topic.  For example: you own a tech company that provides apps that can alert parents to inappropriate sites their teenager are accessing.  If you’re engaging as an on-air guest, you could become their expert & if you do… woo-hoo baby!  You’ll be promoting your business every time you’re on the air… for free!
Step Four:  The Art of the Pitch
    I believe this is the most IMPORTANT step to getting an interview & tends to separate the men from the boys.  You may have the greatest product in the world; but if you can’t intrigue a producer in 10 words or less, you will never get on the air.  If the topic is trending, all the better.  Most pitches are done via email, so the subject line is key.  For example:  you own a chocolate shop & have some new candies; especially for Valentine’s Day & want to entice a producer to cover your product.  How about this in your subject line: Valentine Aphrodisiac to Sweeten Your Day.  The body of your email should be short; no more than a paragraph about what you have in mind for the interview.
Step Five: Press Releases & Media Alerts
    This is the who, what, when, where & how of your business or event.  You should always have a press release written & ready; since a producer will most likely request it.  This will help the host, reporter or anchor develop the proper questions to make a great interview to highlight what you are doing. Press Releases should never be more than a page; & the most important information included in the first paragraph, since they may not read more.  Be sure to include your contact info, website & social media.
Step Six:  Website, Social Media & Visuals
    If you are truly going to be successful, you must have a website & social media producers, hosts & viewers can access.  Since most interviews are very short these days & may not be longer than two minutes, you want to be able to direct people who want more information.  Visuals are important as well; so if you have pictures, video, props, etc. all of those things will make your interview more interesting.  Producers LOVE visuals; so keep that in mind before you pitch.
Step Seven: Media Coaching
    This seems to be the step everyone forgets; especially if you don’t have a PR person.  You’re feeling good about getting the interview, you have your press release & visuals; but you’ve never been on television.  Holy moly, do we have some work to do!  It’s important what you wear, how high your shoes are, what jewelry (if any), proper makeup, where to look, how long should your answers be, what should you demonstrate, do you call the host by name, how to mention your business, etc. etc. etc.   My advice…watch the show you are going to be on, ask the producer how long the interview will be, any particulars you need to know, and then practice.  In front of the mirror or have someone tape it so you can watch it back.  This step can make or break the interview.
I hope this has helped & hasn’t scared you off doing television.  I am available to consult with you if you have questions or are serious about getting your message to the masses.  At “Connection Coach” we specialize in helping your business or non-profit gain media attention through creative pitching, marketing & coaching.  I invite you to visit our website www.YourConnectionCoach.com or like us on FB & Twitter @ConnectionCoachAZ.
Thanks so much.  Good luck to you all!
Laura Holka
Your “Connection Coach”
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