“GLM 40” Highlight in Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#1 STEM Program)

Our GLM staff have selected Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), having the #1 STEM program, as a honorable highlight in the area of Education. According to their school president, L. Rafael Reif, MIT focuses on inventing the future. They push past the edges of human understanding. They make new ways of seeing, and see new ways of making. They inspire their extraordinary students, and their inspire them as well. They take on great challenges; and through clear-eyed, hands-on problem solving, they deliver new knowledge, new tools, new seekers, and new solutions—and open wild new frontiers. MIT has for many years exemplified excellence and rigor in academia among STEM focused institutions. We are proud to recognize Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the area of Education in our 2018 “GLM 40” Highlights Edition!

Website:  http://www.mit.edu/

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