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Some individuals are going through life, just living the everyday ‘grind.’ Then you have those who live with a purpose, who honestly want to improve their surroundings in their community. Dr. Leslie Grace is one of these people in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Professor Grace has always been self-driven and a little more mature than her peers in her thinking. Even as a young girl, she clearly knew what her life goals were going to be. A younger Leslie Grace was in newspaper articles at the age of 16/17 years old. She had well thought out opinions even then, wise beyond her years by today’s standards. She was a young lady with determination and big dreams to chase, which fueled her mind daily.

Professor Leslie Grace is an educator, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and will be a new author this upcoming spring. This amazing single mom lives to empower the young people in her community. The Elements Of The Community Inc provides educational, media relations, financial literacy and entrepreneurship programming to communities around the United States. Dr. Grace has taught thousands of young children & adults how to open their own businesses and manage their finances. “Why do we teach our young people to be good workers, instead of teaching them to be good owners? We must stop limiting the potential of our youth.” Dr. Grace truly understands that real freedom comes from being financially free, because that is the only way that those from the inner cities will have a chance to live the “American Dream.”

The exposure that the young people are getting about today’s financial situation here in America, and how to avoid those landmines, will surely result in a financial behavior change, totally different from what their parents had experienced in their youth. Dr. Grace is truly dedicated to increasing the financial capabilities of young Americans and their immediate family members. She is so committed to teaching her young students about ownership over their lives, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Dr. Leslie Grace is well educated, but don’t be thrown off by how young this educator looks. She has definitely done her time in institutions of higher learning. She lives by the motto, “What Is The Point Of Having All The Degrees And You Are Not Helping Change Lives.” This young lady has more degrees than a thermometer and welcomes any information that will continue to educate her.

Dr. Grace has won numerous community and innovation awards from the business world locally in the city of Philadelphia. Dr. Grace was nominated to attend the United States Women Summit, hosted by the White House in 2016, because of her dedication to women and their families. The release of two books are on the horizon this spring for Dr. Leslie Grace, that will help change the landscape of children and their families globally. She is not afraid to step out in front and be the game changer in her community. She definitely won’t let grass grow under her feet (and that is just the way she likes it).

Professor Leslie Grace is not always about business. She enjoys outings with her close friends and raising her basketball-playing son; who’s a scholarship college freshmen (Marvin Maurice Trotman). Dr. Grace & Marvin Trotman Jr have raised their son to excel in the classroom as well as on the basketball court. Now his hard work has resulted in a free education for himself. Dr. Grace understood the importance of education at a young age. She loved to read and would let her imagination take her places. This also showed her the importance of having dreams to chase. She has traveled the world a bit and lived in other countries, learning their way of life, and has incorporated the best of both worlds into her daily life.

Dr. Grace has four siblings, and they all understood real hurt at a young age. Leslie’s father passed away when she was 7 years old. Losing the first man in your life is never easy, but her family helped her survive those trying times. This helped her build inner strength for later in life.

Look for Dr. Grace on this year’s “S.T.E.M” Tour (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which has already started in the Philadelphia area. Watch for her upcoming schedule of events as well. If Dr. Grace is in your local area, at any high school, she is a highly recommended ‘must see.’ You won’t be disappointed, people.

This young lady of the 70’s still enjoys reading, yoga, and just life in general. She’s an upbeat and positive person, as you can see by this quick look into her life. She is definitely one person we all can be proud of; and she’s far from being done.

She is living the next chapters of her life, so you should expect this game changer to continue to turn heads in the city of Philadelphia. She does not do any of this for recognition; she does it because it’s the right thing to do. Humanity is better off because of people like Dr. Leslie Grace.
Big things do come in small packages, is what I would like to say about her. She’s not a very big lady in size at all, but when she talks, Philadelphia listens.

May you and all of your future endeavors be blessed, while you continue to be the example the world needs to see. She is what real community love is all about, especially when it comes to our inner city youth.

Dr. Tony Branch
Gigare Lifestyle Magazine Freelance Writer

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