2015 “GLM 40” Highlight in Fashion: PLUS Size models

Plus model 2The 2015 “GLM 40 Edition” highlights the “Plus Size Models” in the area of Fashion. In a “new” world, the average women’s dress size is between 14-16. There are new frontiers in fashion modeling where “Beauty” and “Sexy” comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. There are lots of eager Plus Size lady ambassadors ready to take this new journey to join the final fashion frontier. Ladies like Ashley Graham modeling for Lane Bryant, Liris Crosse modeling for Ashley Stewart and Christina Mendez modeling for Qristyl Frazier designs have paved the way for future careers for curvaceous models.

Plus model 1 Earlier this year, new territory was charted with Lane Bryant’s “#ImNoAngel” campaign to challenge Victoria Secret’s “Angel” image of beauty. It is all about redefining beautiful and reshaping the messages in media and society. This is where the “No Body Shame” Campaign helps revolutionize minds. It was founded by Whitney Way Thore to help men and women of every variety love and live their lives free of shame. Whitney Way Thore is a body-positive activist and self-love advocate who has sparked a global conversation about enjoying the “skin you’re in” body image, health and wellness. We are proud to recognize many Plus Size Models as fashion pioneers and “No Body Shame” Campaign for their accomplishments in the year 2015.

Plus model no shame

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To learn more , visit: http://nobodyshame.com/

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