5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Makeup Artist





So, it’s a new year, and you want a new look!! Well, if you are looking for professional help Ms. Jameelah Scott, master makeup artist and owner of Jameelah Scott Makeup Artistry (fondly known as JMUA), has a couple of tips for you.

Ok, you’ve seen the pictures; and the referrals were top notch.  You think that you’ve found the one and then it happens.  You’re quiet, they’re quiet, and since no one is saying anything, you’re not quite sure what type of look you are going to get.  Or the artist is talking so much that you aren’t able to get a word in edge-wise, yeah, I’ve been there too.  It’s so important that even before the “paint” begins to flow that you know that you are going to have a great relationship with your makeup artist.  Do they understand what you’re asking for when YOU say, “I want a smoky eye?”  Will they allow you the opportunity to tell them what you’re comfortable with?  Do you trust them enough to guide you out of your comfort zone if it’s to your benefit?  Are you comfortable?  Working with someone with a compatible personality is priceless and must be considered.


You got the call you’ve been waiting for, now all you need to do is pull your look together.  The red bottoms are popping, your power suit is dry-cleaner fresh, your hair is perfectly done, and all you have to do to put it all together is have your make-up, as they say, “on fleek.” LoL You are normally a planner but this time you were surprised.  You call and call and call, and there’s no answer.  When you finally reach your mua, they are totally booked.  Will they attempt to work you in?  Will they refer you to another capable artist if they are not able to accommodate you? Some makeup artists come to you; some have a location where you are expected to meet them.  Many travel and are willing to come to you.  You should ask if an extra cost is incurred if you need them to travel so that you can work that amount into your budget.  How flexible is your makeup artist? Every artist’s schedule is different and how they handle their schedule is a personal preference, however, finding out how flexible they are is something you need to know.  When building your personal glamour squad, don’t overlook the makeup artist’s schedule and flexibility.  Find out these things before booking.


Do your homework.  Ask for a website or a portfolio of their work.  Many artists have a social media presence, so ask for their social media handles.  Do you like their work?  Would you prefer a different look?  Keep looking.  Are you excited by or drawn to their work? Consider utilizing their services.  If there is a look you like, gather inspiration: a magazine cut out or a computer printout of a look you like. If you’re getting married, bring your veil, pictures of your gown or wedding colors.  Many times, makeup artist are not estheticians.  They may have knowledge of skin care or be able to help you by divulging their favorite skin care products, but color is what they love.  Color is their specialty, and because of this, you may have to do some preparing.  Ask if you should come with a clean and fresh face or if you need to wash and moisturize before your appointment.  Do you need to groom your eyebrows or will they be groomed during your session?  Should you drink more water or exfoliate a few days before? Ask, ask, and ask away. Preparation is key.



There is nothing like being blindsided by a pop-up fee.  Do yourself a favor and find out about financials.  Will you need to pay a deposit? How much will the deposit be? How is the deposit paid?  Is it refundable?  Do they accept credit cards or cash only?  Will the deposit come off of your total bill?  Will you have to sign a contract?  I will tell you, that most every professional makeup artist will have you sign a contract for group parties or weddings, so don’t be caught off guard when asked to sign, you’re guaranteeing that your most memorable moments will look great on the photos which will last a lifetime.  Some services are a la carte, meaning paid for on an individual basis.  Know the cost ahead of time if, for some reason, you need an additional service. Artists normally charge based on experience, training, and exposure.  Know your artist’s worth.  There is much truth in “you get what you pay for.”


If you found an artist you must have, BOOK THEM!  Do Not Wait!  I say again. Do Not Wait! Most artists are bookedjmua3 way ahead of time for weddings and as far out as two weeks for other events. Don’t be caught out in the cold searching for someone you wished could do your makeup like the artist you love.  Or worse, let your unskilled girlfriend talk you into doing your own makeup or letting them do your makeup, and you’re left hoping and wishing that it turns out like you want it to.  If you’re in search of a skilled artist, more than likely you’re looking to put your absolute best face forward.  Don’t leave your look to chance.  When you need to be “ON” know that you are in the hands of a capable, knowledgeable, trained, experienced and likable artist. These are just five things to consider when choosing a makeup artist, but there is so much more to share.  For more information check out our Top Notch http://www.jameelahscott.com/


Courtesy of & Written by Master Makeup Artist and Inspirational Speaker Jameelah Scott http://www.jameelahscott.com/vipaccess




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