Gigaré For All – Grow Your Collection!

Gigaré For All – Grow Your Collection!

By: Marquez Hughley, CEO of Gigaré, Inc.

Do you know what Gigaré actually means? It means, “a billion, as pertaining to the worth.” Our brand was originally created to carry a message to the person wearing our brand. It was to remind its wearer to keep a healthy self-image, self-worth, and character. Our mission has not changed; we have only expanded our platform from which the message can be shared. This particular magazine was a part of the expansion. Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine helps us to reach people across the world; and to keep everyone in pursuit of their personal and professional best. We want our customers and readership to become all they were purposed to be in this life; so we take this particular mission very serious.

If you know anything about our brand, you also know that our products are considered to be a part of a collection; which implies that they are each special in their own way. How much of the Gigaré collection do you own? We currently now have products available for men, women, for the workplace, and accessories. Allow me to share with you about some of the products in our line.

Neckties: Price: $15 + S/H

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Ladies Tee’s: Price: $15 +S/H











Gigaré Everything products: Prices vary









Are your ready to expand your collection now? We’re ready to provide you with the attire and accessories that will have you walking like the true kings and queens that you are! To shop, visit:





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