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Life Matters Today Is Spreading Her Wings

Roslyn Williams host of Life Matters Today (LMT) Radio Show is expanding to television and is super excited about the expansion.

Roslyn Williams has a passion for God, family, ministry and helping people. Roslyn has helped people for as long as she can remember. While caring for her father who was diagnosed and lived with Alzheimer’s for seven years, Roslyn became an accomplished business owner and operated a day spa for eight years in her hometown Baltimore Maryland

After moving to Arizona 14 years ago she decided to step into the driver’s seat again and open a mobile spa service for the geriatric population. Because of her affinity for helping people she decided to pursue her dream to become a Psychologist which was a dream that has existed since she was a young adult. Roslyn went on to receive her degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in Addiction Counseling. She is currently pursuing her Doctorates degree.

Roslyn has mentored women and children. She has counseled individuals, groups and couples. She has extensive experience working with individuals with mental illness, substance abuse issues and trauma related disorders. She recognizes that a lot of psychological issues that people are diagnosed with could be avoided if they had someone to talk to and walk them through the trauma or pain that they’ve experienced. Roslyn has a passion for encouraging, inspiring and enlightening people to live life abundantly and freeing themselves from mental and emotional bondage. Roslyn has worked with organizations such as Magellan, Luke Air Force Base as well as other behavior health companies. She has assisted individuals with managing their mental illness, substance abuse and family issues.

She is currently writing her first book and co-authoring a book that will launch in February 2017. Roslyn is an inspirational speaker and she launched her radio program “Life Matters Today” which aired on Family Values Radio on KXXT 1010AM from October 10, 2010 to June 10, 2016. The show aired every Monday from 4pm -5pm. This program was designed to stimulate, motivate, innovate and help equip individuals to manage matters in life ranging from Relationships, Health, Fitness, Finance, Community and Career. She takes joy in providing a platform for people to discuss their issues and receive encouragement to help strengthen them.

When asked how did she get her start in media, she often tells the story of being blind-sided by God. She says that she was totally green in terms of media however, God told her that He wanted her to reach multitudes of people through media. She says, Life Matters Today Radio Show was conceived while writing her capstone paper for ungraduate studies. She was instructed to write a 5-year plan upon graduation. Her plan included reaching multitudes of people. After asking God, how she was going to do this, He revealed through media. Well, let’s say the rest is history. She began the show 2 years after ungraduate studies.

Today, LMT has transition to television. The show will air every Saturday on AZTV7. Life Matters Today Television Broadcast will capture and broadcast the extraordinary lives of people all around the world. LMT will travel to various states and countries interviewing people whose stories will Enlighten, Inspire and Encourage the Viewers. The Viewers will be enlightening by these noteworthy stories and inspired and encouraged to live their life abundantly. Life Matters Today Television Broadcast will donate to the Guest that are being interviewed based on the need of the guest. The Host will summarize the need of the Guest during the “Life Matters Moment”. This is the call to action that provides a platform for the Viewers to give.

She says that she is so excited about this move of God in her life. Roslyn says that she was a child that grew up shy and that it took much courage to overcome her shyness. Roslyn gives all the credit to God. She said that God inspired her and placed a desire inside of her that made it impossible for anyone to create doubt. Roslyn believes that she was truly equipped for this assignment.

Stay Tune…Life Matters Today Television Broadcast will keep you informed when the show will air on AZTV-7

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