Screenwriter – Aliya Jackson

Aliya Jackson

When a writer takes pen to paper, their imagination and passion, yet tenacious of what you’re about to experience in order to keep you on the edge of your seat. This influential storyteller’s ability to blend real life in her screenplays creates limitless stories. She’s the type of writer, who gets to “the core” of her characters, as well as, have you escape into a world where there are no boundaries of time and place.

“Cover” was just that… controversial, raw, enticing, and real! Her versatile concept was to take a devoted man, who only wanted the best for his family, struggling on the “down low.” Released and presented at the Pan African Film Festival in 2007 some of the cast included, Vivica Fox, Aunjanue Ellis, Razaaq Adodi, Patty LaBelle, Leon, Mya and Lou Gossett Jr. This 3.6 million dollar independent film took her one month to write the script and 10 months to get produced and distributed through AIS. Currently airing on BET and TV One, her motivation for this film was to inspire and bring awareness to various individuals in the entertainment industry.

What sets her apart from other writers, she feels is a “gift”. “For me, I was studying to be a veterinarian… animals was my world. Then all of a sudden, I’m writing short stories and my first one turns into a movie… wow! When writing, it just flows and before I knew it, it was 4am. My room became my movie. And don’t get me started on the Thesaurus… now, I love playing with words… I knew then I was steered on the right path.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Her “drive” propels her to write breathtaking stories that are real and soulful weather their edgy, dramatic, funny or gritty. So watch out for this new talented screenwriter who’s known as Aliya Jackson.

After “Cover,” something inside became silent.  Sometimes a writer will experience writer’s block but that wasn’t the case. Something else missing and that was positive people who believed in her stories.  So Jackson came up with the name 500 Hungry Gorillas that stems from the love of powerful animals and the determination to sell her scripts. “You always need the strength of family and for me, animals keep me balanced,” she states.  As Jackson continued to write, two more stories that was inspired by “Cover” called “The Gift” a female version and “Perfect” a musical focusing on a high school/college student because the media talked about 80% of elementary students in Florida were coming down with STDs at a young age. Three shorts stories also took form, “I Hate You” a 2 minute comedy about a 35 year old man still living at home with his older parents until one day his privacy is violated, “Full Figured” a 13 minute drama in which the future holds serious consequences when a women’s past makes her take extreme measures to look thinner and “Be Careful For What You Wish For” 10 minute drama about a New Yorker who heads to Los Angeles to experience the lies and betrayal of an up and coming writer.

In 2009 and 2013, Jackson put together and pitched concepts to Mrs. Katherine Jackson for her son’s passing.  With the help of 442 North Massachusetts Production, Sandy Christmas (who happens to be Jackson’s mother) gathered talent, volunteers and private investors to salute the King Of Pop – Michael Jackson in Gary, Indiana.  Jackson has been in the entertainment field from an early age.  She’s worked as a freelancer at ABC-Tv in the Promo department for five years.  Then started her first company called, Let Me Get That For You, LLC where she would meet a lot of people in the industry do to the 9/11 tragedy in New York.  By 2011, an underground music label based out of New York, MBL Records LLC, gave Jackson the opportunity to write a music video from the song called “Gone” by Beezy but it was never finished do to the death of the CEO.

This entrepreneur never stops creating because she is opt to leave her legacy behind.  About a year ago, meeting one of the recipients from ABC’s – Secret Millionaire, Coach Tony, who knew the two would become good friends. Venting about the next chapter in Coach Tony’s life, Jackson decided to become his manager to expand his motivational speaking platform.  Jackson is the type of person who just doesn’t give up.  She’s always interested in learning what she doesn’t know.  As an animal lover, she designed handmade alternative pet charms named after her two dogs, Etsi and Noir ( Because animals experience the same feelings as humans do, their mind, body and soul needs balanced too.  As a humanitarian, she’s helping children of Haiti build and acquiring equipment for Ecole Nationale Vinelon School that was founded by Papa Vinelon in Fond Doux, Haiti (contact Kim Matthews at  This facility is the only place that is secure in order for these student to be educated.  If they don’t receive any funding “our” next generation will be at a lost and back on the streets.

Aliya will always be forever writing.  Words inspire, bring dreams to life and express oneself.  As a spiritual individual, she’s grabbing the bulls by the horn of another script she calls “A Wolf In Sheep Clothing.”  With the help of the Bible, pastors, other books she researched and her imagination, this sci-fi/drama will be another controversial script.  But Jackson wants to make one thing very clear, “I’m not here to glorify this script… I AM here because I want my audience to understand the fate of beautiful angel we know as Lucifer.”

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