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“Sex His Way” started as a one-act play written, produced and directed by Lyn Richardson. It is a faith-based production that had its inspirational foundation from the scripture Romans 6:16. The show was first performed in 2011 at the Arizona Broadway Theater.

The play follows the lives of four women, Monica, Brandy, Stephanie and Elle. These four women are close friends who meet on a monthly basis to discuss topics of interest for women. This time of gathering is known as their “Monthly”. This particular month, the women have decided to meet at their favorite, upscale restaurant to talk about the forbidden topic of SEX! As layers from each story unfolds, this jaw-dropping story is sure to leave you speechless. This production tackles real-life issues that many would not talk about within “the church”. The show has comedy, drama, suspense and ministry.

In 2015, it was submitted and selected by the National Black Theater Festival in North Carolina as part of the Reader’s Theater of New Works. From that experience, one of the actresses that was a reader for the performance, requested permission to perform the show as part of her final theater assignment at the “Senior Week of Plays” at Alabama State University. Lyn was an honored guest in the audience when the seniors performed the show to a standing-room only auditorium, filled to capacity with college students and adults. The feedback was overwhelming. In addition, one of the readers of the scripts from the selection committee also requested permission to do a reading of the one act play, for her theater company in South Carolina. They requested permission for 2015 and 2016 for AIDS Awareness month. It was from these experiences that Lyn realized something greater was happening.

In 2016, Lyn decided to make the one act play a full-length production, “Sex His Way – The Musical”. It made its inaugural debut to a sold-out audience on November 16th at the Herberger Theatre Center. By popular demand, the show returned to the stage in April 2017, again to a sold-out audience at the Herberger Theatre. Due to the cliff hanger of the first show, Lyn begin to dive deeper into the stories and realized there is still more to be told. Many people were inquiring “When is part two?”

“Sex His Way 2” is now in production and the story picks up right where it left off. It answers many unanswered questions from the first installment and is also creating many more thought-provoking issues than before. “Sex His Way 2” will make its debut on April 14, 2018 at the Salvation Army’s KROC Community Center. There will also be “Sex His Way 3 – The Final Chapter” in early 2019.

“Sex His Way” is show that captures the attention of not only women, but men as well. The diversity of the music and characters has something for everyone. It is relatable to real-life, modern day people who are trying to navigate their way through everyday trials. The show is somewhat interactive and makes the vibe more of an “experience” instead of simply “seeing a play”. It is suitable for teenagers and adults. Demonstrating the results of careless decisions that we can often make, it is a show that anyone can connect with regardless of their religious background.

Lyn continues to receive testimonials from audience members about how the show has changed their lives. Four couples have gotten married (2) and engaged (2) after being inspired by the show. Many others have shared how the show has encouraged them to re-evaluate their own lives and decisions they are making.

Lyn’s ultimate goal is to have a tour of the show, reaching people from around the world with this powerful message. She would also like to make the show a feature film one day.

Although “Sex His Way” is a faith-based production, it doesn’t define the “HIS” in the title. Instead, it encourages people to look at themselves and determine who is the “His”…in THEIR lives. If you are looking for a feel good, fluffy, “everyone is perfect” type of show, “Sex His Way” is not it. But if you want to laugh, be challenged in your thinking, witness twist and turns that you never saw coming, and leave with a compelling question to examine yourself and your relationships with, this is the show for you!

Romans 6:16 teaches that Do you not know that when you continually offer yourselves to someone to do his will, you are the slaves of the one whom you obey, either [slaves] of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness (right standing with God)?

Who do YOU let dictate your actions? Is it God or is it Man?

About the writer:

Lyn Richardson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 15, her parents made the decision to move the family to Arizona, where she has resided for the past 32 years. She graduated from Moon Valley High School and attended Arizona State University for two years, before realizing she was not quite ready to pursue her college goal. Lyn then entered the work force, got married and started her family. Through many ups and downs, Lyn eventually found her niche in customer service healthcare. She had a love for helping people, which she would eventually come to realize was her ministry. She started as a customer service representative and worked her way up to management positions. She was a customer service manager, client liaison, provider services manager and a contracting negotiator. Lyn stayed in the healthcare field for 16 years.

Lyn was also very active in the local church. Her heart for worship soon led her to serve as a Worship Leader, as well as perform Christian comedy at church events. Lyn created the comedic, loveable character “Ms. Della”. She performed original song parodies within her church and eventually began to get bookings for other churches and events. She also created full plays for the church with this character. The church is where Lyn began to dive back into her childhood dream of writing plays. In 2009, Lyn decided to step outside of her comedic character and write her first full-length musical entitled “The Choir”. Although it was originally written to be performed in the church, the drama ministry dissolved and there she was with a play but no stage. With the help of a thespian friend, Lyn held a casting call and the show was performed to a sold-out crowd at the Arizona Broadway Theatre. After this inaugural show, Lyn knew without a doubt, what she was called to do. She took a giant leap of faith and left her well-paying corporate job to pursue ministry through the Arts full-time (which she continues to do to this day). Since then, Lyn has written, directed and produced six major play productions within the Valley. She also went back to college (Liberty University Online) and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Religion with an emphasis on Biblical and Theological Studies in 2016.

Lyn, and her husband Brian, created “Lyn Richardson Ministries” (formally Comical Blessings) to bring customized Christian entertainment to local events. She has established an expectation for audience members that come to the plays or request bookings. People know that it is always more than just a show and that ministry will be prominent. The shows are written with a comedic under-tone that soon turns into a powerful, life-changing message for all who attend. She was commissioned by the Arizona Black Theater Troupe to write a production for their 2013 theater schedule entitled “Tellin’ It on the Mountain”. Lyn’s most recent production, “Sex His Way”, has seen the most success as far as reach and impact. The one act version of this show was originally performed in 2011 at the Arizona Broadway Theatre. It was then selected by the National Black Theatre Festival for the Reader’s Theater of New Works in 2015. It was performed for the “Senior’s Week of Plays” at Alabama State University in 2016 and was selected by a Reader’s Theater (New Life Productions, LLC) in South Carolina in 2015 and 2016 for AIDS Awareness Month. Lyn continues to enhance the message of this production, writing and producing “Sex His Way 2” which is scheduled to hit the stage on April 14, 2018. She was nominated for an AriZoni Award in 2014 for her writing of “Tellin’ It on the Mountain”. She is also an award-winning comedian.

Lyn is married to Brian Richardson. She has four children and three granddaughters. She still actively serves in the local church (Vertical Church Phoenix) as a Worship and Arts Pastor.  Lyn will have her official ordination ceremony on April 29, 2018, where she will become an Ordained Pastor. Lyn gives all glory to God for the things He has done in her life and ministry. With God, all things are possible. “Lyn Richardson Ministries” is committed to providing ministry and entertainment for the betterment of the world. We live in trying times and there is always room for encouragement, support and uplifting productions that will make an impact. That is her goal.



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