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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Confirmed To Run At 1080p At Only 30fps…Is It Still Worth $60?

Tomb Raider

It has been confirmed that the next-gen remake for Tomb Raider in the form of its upcoming Definitive Edition will run at 1080p resolution at a steady 30 frames per second when it releases for the PS4 and Xbox One later this month, according to a recent update from Eurogamer.  Upon hearing that Lara’s PS3 and Xbox 360 adventure would in fact be making its way to the next-gen hardware, how could you not be excited? The game is truly fantastic giving Mr. Drake a true run for his money.

At the same time, when it became known that the next-gen version would also be value at $60 many eyebrows were raised. Why not offer the game at a lower price point since millions of gamers have already embraced the experience, seemed to be the highlighted question in most forum discussions. With hopes that the game could be running a 60fps at 1080p, one could only imagine how incredible the game would look and play since the game already looks great on current gen hardware.

Now that the game has been confirmed to only run at 30fps, the $60 price point could work against the title generating a significant next-gen  adoption. Gamers are quite fickle and certainly looking for the best deals, so why again should a gamer pay full price for a game they’ve already played? The simple answer, the next-gen factor.

While many have already played the title, at the moment early next-gen adopters are starving for something new and fresh and impressively entertaining to experience on their PS4’s and Xbox Ones. This alone could work heavily in favor of the game making a splash when it launches January 28th. Sure, some may see this as simply a cash cow, others may not mind taking the game for another spin for its sheer entertainment factor.

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