23 in 23 by 23 Tour


23 in 23 by 23 Tour

By: A. Margot Brisky


Personal, Spiritual, and Familial Relationship Coaching

A. Margot Brisky is a uniquely qualified Life Coach who began journeying alongside and impacting the lives of dozens of young women even prior to launching her own coaching organization. Margot helps girls and women refresh their vision and turn potential problems into satisfying and successful opportunities. Her passion is to help girls and women see and understand their brokenness, visualize and achieve their full potential, and begin to walk in purpose.

With experience as an Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor, Margot has sharpened her own tools of empowering and equipping girls, women, and their families with practical insights and fresh, strategic challenges that guide her Coaching Partners to a deeper exploration of their personal power, purpose, and potential. What is more, Margot has become the person she needing during the seasons for her life in which she struggled with much adversity. Also, her life coaching organization was the program she needed during this same season in her life. As the culture and skewed societal image of girls and women continues to shift, Margot will continue to invest in the lives of the girls and women she encounters.

Our coaching programs primarily center on critical-thinking, collaboration, and exploration. We challenge the current views and values of others, but at the same time always respect and value the points of views of others. Our Coaching Partners are challenged to choose to make informed decisions rather than leading with their feelings or emotions. We meet individuals where they are and journey with them to where they want to be. My involvement is to offer insights through guided questions, supplying substantive primary sources, and help each Coaching Partner sharpen the tools they need to navigate through various seasons of life.

“Nobody can force you to be ready. But when you are, be the change you want to see”

-A. Margot Brisky

What it Means to Overcome Adversity

No matter how we feel about hardships, they are unavoidable! Adversity is often to blame as the source of the crippled mindsets of many individuals. For many people, when hard times arise, they get stuck and it is common that they allow themselves to be defined by their current situations. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome any adversity we may face, but there is a process.

We must be willing.

Willingness is often thought of as submissive. However, this is a common misconception. Being willing means that you must be prepared and cooperative. Be willing to give your life away for the good of others. Try doing things without the expectation of reciprocity! Most importantly, continue to be better than you were yesterday. Remember, this is all part of the process.

We must be accountable.

Adopting the technique and characteristic of accountability is monumentally important in the process of overcoming adversity. We must have courage to persevere and bound back. Visualizing, forgiveness, and loving others boldly helps enhance your accountability. It all comes down to what you choose to do with determining how you will get to your intended destination. Finally, surround yourself around like-minded people. People who challenge you to do better and be better. People who do not allow you to set insufficient goals or visions for yourself. Find yourself an (or a group of) Accountability Partners!

We must be distinctive.

ALWAYS do what others aren’t. Determine what it is that sets you apart from the next person. Ideas may align or even run together as they overlap, but this should motivate you to modify your vision. At this point, your goals/visions should be preparing to catapult you from Point A to Point B. Your tools have been sharpened, but are you aware of when you use them? Express yourself clearly, and speak with distinction! You are not average.

Ask yourself this tough question:

Do I have in me what it takes to ignite my personal power, begin to walk in purpose, in order for me to reach my full potential? 

At this point, you are aware of what you need to do to get unstuck from your situation, or remove the residue that still resides deep in your inner being. You are now aware of some of your gifts. You must begin to maximize them. Choose to no longer settle for anything less than what you are called to do. Finally, you must choose to EMBRACE your seasons of adversity by identifying what needed to be learned or gained!

When you realize that you truly have little power over your own life, you will no longer allow yourself to stress over what is out of your control. You will no longer miss an opportunity to be present in the lives of those who are directly connected to you so that they, too, can experience their breakthrough.

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A. Margot Brisky

Speaker | Author | Life Coach

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