A Spark of Love – Love Beyond Time and Limits

A Spark of Love – Love Beyond Time and Limits

By: T.S. Wilson – “Faith”

I so enjoyed all of the LOVE that was being spread across the world via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on Valentine’s Day back in February of this year.

What I challenged all my readers to do was to CELEBRATE LOVE EVERYDAY, IN EVERY WAY moving forward (if they didn’t already do so).

You see, in this life, we must Love our family: our grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings (biological or not), nieces, nephews, cousins (near and far), in-laws, etc., unconditionally. It is essential to the very essence of the true peace in our hemisphere that we either call them, text them, inbox them, messenger them or go see them as much as possible; and of course, more is always better than less. Whatever you do… Keep on praying for them as long as you have breath. We must Love our friends through their victories, through their hurt, through their despair, through their pain, through their losses and their gains, through their bad choices and horrific decisions, through their strengths and their weaknesses, through their trauma and their daily drama.

We need to Love our coworkers and our bosses right into their next promotion; right into their “Employee of the Month” recognition, right through every milestone moment in their personal lives, right into their retirement party, right through every holiday celebration they hosted at their house, and right through every relevant and irrelevant PowerPoint presentation. We should Love our neighbors enough to check on them periodically; even if they don’t speak to us, even if they let their dog poop on our lawn; even if they curse us out because they left their lights on in the car and we did not tell them (even though we didn’t know) – just Love them anyhow. We must Love our enemies enough to pray the best for them, enough to offer them a helping hand in bad and good times, enough to believe that no matter what we think of them or how we feel about them – that God is yet the supreme judge and through Him, all things are possible.

We must Love our parents, despite the past or present disappointment. Despite the disgust or anger we may be having or had, the lack of trust; possibly no trust, the lack of respect; possibly no existence of respect and past all the moments of betrayal or just flat out feelings of hate. WE MUST LOVE!!!  We need to Love our children through their successes and their unnecessary, yet sometimes disappointing and unbelievable mistakes. We must Love them enough to set order and give true words of wisdom – words that will inspire, uplift, guide, correct, teach, impart knowledge and understanding and send them on the road of positive productivity.

WE MUST LOVE OURSELVES past our own doubts, frustration, fears, turmoil, chaos, trials, challenges, heartbreak, heartaches, problems, cognitive barriers, etc. We must LOVE ourselves enough to forgive ourselves from the horrible things that we did or the things we should have done; and we most definitely must forgive others no matter how awful, no matter how insane, no matter how traumatizing the interaction was with them. FORGIVE!!! LET’S LOVE OURSELVES INTO A PLACE OF HEALTHY CONTENTMENT; AND GO OUT AND FULFILL OUR DESTINY, OUR MISSION, OUR PURPOSE, OUR DREAMS, and OUR VISIONS.

And yes, yes, yes…WE MUST LOVE GOD more than everything and anything else; because it is He who will strengthen us to make it through. It is God who will give us peace that surpasses all understanding. It is God who will lead us into the path of righteousness. He makes our crooked paths straight; and He will cleanse our hearts and transform our minds. He restores, redeems and rebuilds us into beautiful vessels of power and Love. He is the greatest recycler of all time!!!

And by all means, as we celebrate Love each and every day…remember, it’s OK to share a kind word, a smile, a hug, a warm greeting, a good book, a hot meal, a warm jacket, a blanket, an umbrella, a rose, a piece of candy, a card, a bottle of water, a cupcake, a muffin, an ice cream bar, a cool song, etc. with someone you don’t know, with someone who you know that may be going through, with that person that everybody else doesn’t like, with the homeless person at the gas station, grocery store or bus stop, with the drug addict sleeping on the curb, with the person who curses everybody out that walks down the street, with the quiet person that sits off to the side during service, during class or during the seminar. Regardless to how we feel, LOVE really and truly matters. It was LOVE that brought us out of darkness, out of bondage, out of captivity into His glorious and marvelous light.

And on that note, let’s walk and talk in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and  MORE LOVE TODAY and FOREVERMORE!

By: T.S. Wilson – “Faith”

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