A Spiritual Life

Over twenty years ago, Dr. Margaret Ellis came to America for a better education and way of life. She left corporate America in 2016, when God spoke to her about making a change, and Margaret Ellis Influence LLC was created. Margaret worked in the educational, retail, financial and service industries when she came to America. However, God had a different plan for her life and Margaret felt the need to leave that all behind. She created a business teaching people how to become someone of influence and empowers them in their personal and professional lives.

Margaret gained much knowledge throughout her life, both personally and professionally. Those experiences taught her that leadership is influence. A good leader doesn’t change people by telling them what they are doing wrong, but rather by showing them a better way to do it. Margaret is committed to helping people find passion and purpose in life. Her business is to help others create new possibilities in their lives through training, coaching, speaking and teaching.

Margaret volunteers with many organizations around the world. She serves in different capacities for three ministries and four non-profit organizations. Serving on the Board of Advisors for the Continent of Africa, Margaret was also appointed an Inter-Faith Peace Ambassador for iChange Nations along with her recent appointment as World Civility Ambassador. She has received several awards and honors from organizations across the globe for her humanitarian work, such as the Bold & Courageous Inspiration Award in 2016 and the Woman of Global Solutions & Honors from Africa in 2017.

Margaret is a native of Gambia, West Africa, where she was born and raised in the native culture before coming to America. Wife, mother, and sister are a few ways to describe Margaret Ellis. But she is also known as a woman of service who has dedicated her life to helping others see their full potential. Her parents instilled in her a love for God. She is a leader at Springs of Joy Ministries, where she accepted Christ over 18 years ago. Margaret and her husband, Dr. Stan Ellis, serve as leaders in the marriage ministry and serve in the media department at Covenant Church in Dallas, Texas. Margaret is on the board of directors for Diaspora Entertainment Awards Recognition (D.E.A.R.) and volunteers as a speaker, teacher, and writer for Woman of Purpose Ministries (W.O.P.).

Margaret Ellis is the CEO and Brand Ambassador for Coaches of Influence, CEO of CLASSIK Consulting, and proprietor/author of CLASSIK Kitchen and Recipes. She is also and advisor and speaker for Duchess & Duchess Ministries (mothers and daughters). A woman that has dedicated her life to God and giving to others, Margaret is a passionate, driven, nurturing person of influence who is always seeking opportunities to help others discover their purpose and direction in life. Look for this dynamic speaker on September 14-15, 2018 at the Women of Purpose Conference in Dallas, Texas. She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future (Proverbs 31:25).

Dr. Tony Branch & Ms. Carol R. Witvoet

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