Don’t Swallow Your Seed

Don’t Swallow Your Seed

By:  John H. Scott III

One of my favorite childhood memories growing up in Los Angeles was eating delicious red watermelon while sitting on the front porch. At that time of my life, that was the crème de la crème of summer fun. After a long day filled with swimming, football, playing tag and the original Nintendo, there was no greater joy than to sit on the front porch with a succulent, mouth–watering piece of watermelon. At the ages of 2 and 3 years old, I had no understanding of the value or even the purpose of a seed. So, consequently I did what? Yes…you guessed it. I sat right on that porch, eating my succulent, mouth–watering watermelon and swallowed the seeds!

When I was caught swallowing the watermelon seeds, my mother used it as a “teaching opportunity.” She had plenty of “teaching opportunities” over the years. As juice dripped from my tender baby face, the lesson began with a joke, “You know you’re going to grow watermelons in your belly, right?” Now, if that was the best tactic she could use to prevent me from swallowing the seeds, it certainly didn’t work! In fact, it worked in reverse. I thought to myself, “Great! Now I can have watermelon all the time!” So, consequently I did what? Yes…you guessed it again. I continued to “swallow the seeds!”

When she discovered her initial tactic was unsuccessful, she took a more academic approach. She began to explain to me how the seeds in the watermelon were put there by God in order to grow more watermelons. She explained that if I were to take the seeds I was swallowing, put them in the ground and water them, more watermelons would grow. Her method to get me to understand was then making sense to me. What my mother was teaching me was the Law of Seedtime and Harvest.

The Law of Seedtime and Harvest is introduced in Genesis 8:22, “As long as the earth exists seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” This law is closely related to another law that may be more familiar to many, The Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every effect, there is a definite cause and for every cause there is a definite effect. The relationship between the two is very similar; and this is what my mother was trying to explain to me on that warm, summer day in LA. She wanted me to know that watermelons came from the watermelon seed. I learned that day that if there was no watermelon seed, there would be no watermelon.

In Galatians 6:7, we learn that we reap exactly what we’ve sown. It’s my belief that God has given each of us “seeds” that are unique to us as individuals, and are intended to replenish the earth for the glory of God. Those seeds can be gifts, talents, money, etc. We have all been designed by God like a watermelon, with seeds! While no two watermelons are exactly the same, unless the seed from one is sown, the other can’t come forth. This is the case with the gifts, talents, money, etc. – that God has given to each of us. Unfortunately, many of us make the same mistake I made as a little boy; we swallow our seeds. As a result, our lives are not as productive because we have not sown our seeds. We haven’t taken the risk. We haven’t stepped out on faith. We have grown comfortable with the “taste” of normalcy. We’re satisfied with good. I am convinced that it is the plan of God for us to live a life that is fruitful. A life that produces God’s best. If we intend to live this life, we must make every effort to “sow” our seeds and not to “swallow” them.

Here is a contrast of the two:


– Selfish

– Preservation

– Not Enough

– How can I get?

Having been blessed with the opportunity to live an amazing life so far, I am 100% confident that my life would be a lot different had I not learned “not to swallow my seeds” nearly 30 years ago. I’m not sure if it was my mother’s intent or not, but teaching me such a vital truth has shaped the core of my life. As we understand that we have been designed to be fruitful (to produce), we will discover purpose and significance in the life God has blessed us with.

Here are four lessons I’ve learned with regard to not swallowing seeds:

1. When I became “aware” of the purpose of a watermelon seed, my thinking changed. Our thinking must change before our behavior can change.

2. If I swallowed all the seeds, production will stop. We can’t reap if we don’t sow.

3. If I plant seeds, it takes time for the harvest to come. Once we’ve sown, we must be patient and nurture the seed.

4. I can plant one seed and reap an entire tree! We always reap more than what we’ve sown. It’s called “intentional multiplication.”

Be encouraged and know that you are loaded with valuable assets. The world needs what God has put in you. Start the business. Give the money. Write the book. Adopt the child. Go on the audition. You can do it…”don’t swallow your seed!

John H. Scott III is the Lead Pastor of Better Life Church in Norcross, GA.  He is a revolutionary thinker and mentor in both the church and secular arenas. He is married and the proud father of two children, Jontel (15 years old) and Miracle (4 years old). 

Pastor John is a charismatic and revelatory teacher a unique ability to illustrate the scriptures so that people can understand the Bible with simplicity. 

 He is proud veteran of the United States Army and was educated at the University of Maryland and Villanova University. He currently supports the Department of Defense as a Program Quality Manager. 
It’s his belief that all people can experience a better life through Jesus Christ.
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