I Wasn’t Always A Pastor Of A Church

There are a very few people in life who will make you feel like family the very first time you meet them; well, Apostle John T. Abercrombie is such a person. This amazing individual is a father, community activist, man of faith, and a prime example of what men should be. Apostle Abercrombie knew years ago that no church or place of worship could effectively serve its community without making its members apart of the solution to the problems that arise.

 Apostle Abercrombie was once a “man of the world;” and enjoyed his life to fullest, chasing the pretty girls (in his own words). Most things that really get our attention come from tragedy, or something that affects someone we care about. There was a death in his family member’s life (Valerie / baby), that bothered him at the age of 26 years old. He was coming from work, leaving a Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant, when John received a vision & repented immediately. He knew he had to change his life; and started going to bible study faithfully for the next three months straight. Mr. John T. Abercrombie received his spiritual calling to serve God; and everything that didn’t serve his new agenda was removed from his life that day. John started a church three months later, and really never looked back; because he understood his calling and future was ahead of him.

 Apostle John T. Abercrombie and a few church members spent 19 days this past summer in Africa speaking at multiple churches. Being around so many people who truly believe in the word really moved him, and the members of his congregation that accompanied him to Africa. I personally noticed the change in him, and in one of his members in particular, Dr. Sabrena L. Davis. A change that I can not explain in words; which is very rare for me. I just know there are future trips back to Africa presently in the works to experience this power of enlightenment once again. During his amazing trip to the motherland, Apostle Abercrombie experienced being in the midst of true African Royalty when a tribal king entered the church that he and his members were attending.

After his encounter in Africa, Apostle John T. Abercrombie wanted a fresh start for his church; and decided to change the church name from Truth & Deliverance International Ministries to Zoe Ministries. Now Apostle Abercrombie is focused on future growth within his church by raising future generational members from his parent church; and starting new churches in various locations.

 I personally know for a fact Apostle Abercrombie’s church teaches classes to help his members find financial freedom; which enables members to improve their individual credit scores. He knows that without a good credit score, a lot of things are not available to his members. Apostle Abercrombie wants his church members to get their piece of the pie; that which we all know as “the American Dream.” He believes in empowering his congregation; which directly empowers his church in Chicago, Illinois. Churches today must start thinking outside of the box so that they can better serve the people in the community.

In closing, if you have not been to a Tent Revival given by Apostle Abercrombie, you are truly missing out. I personally attended one back in June 2015, and all I can say is, Wow.  I’m the type of person who is not easily moved or impressed; but he rocked my world that day. Apostle John T. Abercrombie’s strength comes from his amazing wife, Prophetess Rosemary Abercrombie, and his children along with his church family. I must honestly say that I look forward to his warm greetings, hugs and embraces from a real man and father that I never had. He’s a “national treasure” in my book (that’s right, I said it, and meant it.. What, hmm).

Thank you so much, Apostle John T. Abercrombie Jr; because you have always opened your church doors to me whenever I’m in the city of Chicago; and I truly appreciate that sir. May you always get what your heart desires, and everything that God has for you in the future. Amen!

Dr. Anthony Branch
Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine Freelance Journalist
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