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By: T.S. Wilson – “Faith”

Family, Friends, Business, Leisure & Spiritual Relationships…All V.I.P.

Proverbs 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

There is no doubt; no question that this life is even remotely possible without the existence, presence and/or sustainability of relationships. Whether they be healthy, rejuvenating, powerful, meaningful and productive or flat out inevitably destructive, relationships are who we are. After all, each one of us are in at least one relationship with ourselves. And truth be told, it is the most crucial on a natural level; for us to pay close attention to. It is both the process and the progress that can determine how well we do with others. Think about it: If we are in a constant, unhealthy, pessimistic uproar with ourselves, how on earth can we muster up a healthy relationship with anyone else? Right? Right!

Throughout this journey called life, from birth to our last day on earth, our developmental stages require us to experience a variety of connections with a wide range of people from our parents to our guardians to our grandparents. From our aunts and uncles to our siblings, to our children, to the doctor, the bank teller, the grocery store clerk, these are all types of relationships. Yes, many of us have mastered the core foundation of these multifaceted, yet complex interactions; while others of us are yet learning the basic “ins and outs;” and, yes a few of us have simply disregarded the obvious and we are constantly bumping our heads on the red brick walls which leads to bumps, bruises, and/or permanent scars. Then, there are the tiny handful of us that keep stabbing ourselves in the heart with pain, disappointment and agony. The question is: Why? The answer is… well, that remains to be revealed.

It is a proven fact that not one person has been able to pass through this life without making, having and/or nurturing a relationship of some kind or another along the way. How successful each one is–well that is an entire different book all of its own. And here is another fact: not every relationship is peachy keen; or sparkles bright like a ruby red diamond; or flourishes like the cherry blossom trees in the middle of winter in 24 hours a day. Some relationships have been defaulted, deleted or dissolved due to a myriad of factors such as: misunderstandings, disagreements, mistrust, abuse, neglect, deceit and/or manipulation. The HOW and the WHY of the matter always has two versions – yours and theirs. Oh yes; and then there is the third version = the real version.

In most cases, it is just as obvious as the Mississippi River as to who could be at fault; but in some cases, the obvious is often overshadowed by the not so obvious. As the microscopic shovel of investigation digs deep into the matter, it is usually those little “big” issues that have been masked or suppressed over the course of our lives that have caused these relationship interruptions and “red notice” disconnections. Thus, the situation has been improperly downloaded without being given a thorough virus inspection. It is those little “big” issues that we have allowed ourselves to hold on to and fester within the core of our very being, our soul and our spirit. And oftentimes, we ourselves have forgotten they exist until we go through a traumatic event.

The heartache of a friendship lost; a sibling rivalry not yet mended; the passing of a loved one; a diagnosis of a long-term incurable illness or disease; the experience of a violent crime or assault; the battle with any form of addiction; the devastating loss of a child on any level; the betrayal of a parent or guardian; the horrific experiences in previous relationships; the disappointment, frustration, and/or disgust we experience within ourselves for not being in a certain desired place in our lives by a particular point and time – can all lead to the downfall of a relationship or several relationships over the course of our lives. Here is where the most important question can be asked, WHAT can we do to help us in creating, maintaining, and nurturing positive healthy relationships? Many may respond with: effective communication, active listening, honesty, respect, love, etc; and yes, each one of these play a vital role in the success of any relationship we could ever have. Yet, the golden clad key lies in our spiritual walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is in this relationship, if we truly allow ourselves, we recover who we were created to be; we discover who we no longer want to be; and we uncover who we want to become.

It is in our personal connection and unwavering love with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that we are able to travel through this life and experience a plethora of healthy relationships along the way. Yes, there will still be flaws; there will still be hurt; because we are not perfect. Not to mention, that it takes both individuals to be in a submissive and loving relationship with Jesus in order to be in a sustaining fulfilling relationship with one another. So, no matter if it is with family, friends, business partners, leisure pals, or your spiritual relationship, they are all V.I.P. and require us to be the best us we can be.

By: T.S. Wilson – “Faith”

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