The Planters Institute

Founder:  Jerry Lewis Daniels, Jr. / Email: 

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The Planters Institute was established in Columbia, Maryland in March 2012 as a non-profit training institute for
ministers and designated teams of individuals whose aim is to expand the Kingdom of God through starting
Churches. The Institute develops curriculum that allows current church startups to troubleshoot and evaluate the
effectiveness of their Churches and ministries and provides thought provoking content and tools that cultivate
more effective outlines of winning and discipling souls.

Church Planting is a courageous, God ordained task and the Planters Institute follows a simple mission and
formula of Encouraging, Equipping and Expanding (E-3) in our quest to see those who undertake this challenge by
answering this elite call be better prepared to assume the task of Church Planting. The uniqueness The Planters
Institute is that training sessions are taught by experienced Church Planting Practitioners. Each year (Pi) holds its
annual it’s annual session during the month of March. The E-3 conference is open to all Church planters or teams
who are aspiring to plant.

The Planters Institute is Interdenominational and does not promote any denominations doctrine in particular but
benefits from objective views and variables presented from the diverse backgrounds of different Church Planters
and doctrinal views.

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