The Small Voice

The Small Voice

 By: Latachia Morrissette

In today’s world, everything is instant, digital and required to be done right now. Unfortunately, we as people are all consumed by the technology world attempting to simplify our lives. However, the result of this generation is anything but simple. Your phone and car are talking to you. Emails follow you from the office and you are reachable by text, phone or even worse–video chat. There is so much going on around you that you cannot sort through your own thoughts. There is a constant buzz, beep, ring or the tone of your favorite song. You can choose what sound will identify which message is coming through.

While you are out to lunch, everyone is on auto response when a ring, beep or buzz presents itself. Everyone is armed with technology right at his or her fingertips. How can you eat lunch with your colleagues–when the message light is calling your name? Then, you head to the car that is armed and ready to remind you to buckle up, change your oil and/or check the tires.  Which is not all together bad because it also can tell you how to get to your next destination or were the closest gas station is. With all the chatter that consumes us, it is difficult to hear what needs to be heard or obtain clarification on any thought that may have entered your mind.

Let me share:

The other day, I began my morning as usual by rushing to pack all my things, drop off my daughter, return all phone calls and get to my morning office meeting. I grabbed my 3 year old, her lunch, bag of toys and my computer bag and then jumped in the car. I didn’t even get in the seat good before dashing out of the garage and fussing at my car for the annoying seat belt signal to shut up. Everything else was more important than securing myself in a seat belt. No sooner than I hit the corner, I was on my cell phone with a client crunching numbers, and then the call drops. So, immediately I began to call the client back and the phone rings again–my voice heightened from my frustration. In the background I hear, “Excuse me.” I kept on with what I was doing and ignored the voice. Shortly after, I heard it again, “Excuse me.” I replied, “Just a minute sweetie, be quiet just one more minute for mom.”

I couldn’t get my thoughts together; the clock was ticking faster than the speedometer was moving. I was thinking about the errands needed, bills unpaid and chores that awaited behind at home. A very long, silent moment had passed and then a screeching voice said, “Mommy, excuse me!” I hung up the phone and started shuffling through the radio stations. I had already forgotten I had been requested. Suddenly, the little voice got demanding, “MOMMY,” she shouts. “Yes, sweetie,” I said. “I wub you(translation: I love you), she said softly. Everything stopped for me in that instant. Everything came into perspective that very moment. As tears began to brim my eyes and a pounding headache beginning–behind my anxious haste to get through my personal agenda, the voice stayed persistent. Here I am all over the place and my 3 year old is the calm in the storm.

This was the moment I thought to myself, “My goodness, I forgot my baby was even in the car.” I couldn’t even be present for her ride to school. I had silenced the voice numerous times and had forgotten to acknowledge it. I was running on autopilot and her sweet soul was in the back, trying to get a word in edgewise–simply trying to tell me what I needed to hear.

Oftentimes in life, we ignore the small voice. We ignore the voice in the back of our head that starts as a whisper and then becomes a shattering roar. This is the voice that pulls at your spirit; the one in your dreams; the voice that starts at the bottom of your belly and echoes in your ear repeatedly. We keep telling the little voice to be quiet, I am busy here. I can’t be bothered with you right now. However, what we fail to see is that through all the craziness and chaos surrounding us, the answer and calming is in the voice we refuse to hear.

It may be the Holy Spirit, God Himself, your alter ego, or the little angel tugging at your leg. Stop just for a minute, calm the noise and LISTEN.  Be grateful for that small, very persistent voice.  The voice that starts so small, you could swear you were hearing things. I guarantee it’s just what you need to here, right where you are–and may even be the answer you are so frantically searching for.

“Live in the Moment, Quiet Chatter and Listen.”

Latachia Morrissette, Author

Life Derailed, A Single Mom’s Survival Guide

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