This World Won’t Break Me

This World Won’t Break Me

As a child and throughout our adult life, we all have experienced some of our highest highs, and some of our lowest lows; but we continue to press on and move forward. This article is about a special person that I personally know; but even if I did not know the “trials and tribulations” she has gone through, her life is one of sheer positivity.  Here is the story of Ms. Pamela Perry-Thompson; a staple of anything positive in Gary, Indiana; she has championed a number of positive causes in the Northwest Indiana Region.

Pam has a big heart for our young people in her community. She also spends a lot of time with the women on her job and in society, as a whole; who are facing various issues in their lives. I challenge you to find another individual like her (besides her mother, Brenda), that is about fairness, and just doing things the right way.  Pam is a woman of God; and doesn’t mess around with her faith and the teachings of her mother & grandmother, Mrs. Brenda Perry-Allen and Ms.Catherine Bullock respectively. She was raised by her single mother, who worked two jobs to provide for her family; until her stepfather came into her life around 15 years old. Pam learned so much from her mother early on by watching her support the family single-handedly; who always came through for them like the U.S. Postal Service (through rain, sleet, or snow). The teaching from these strong women set forth the path for Pam to follow throughout the rest of her life.

Pam understood early that she couldn’t quit when times got hard for her.  She knew that her “heroes” survived it, and so could she. The women of this family are strong; and quitting anything meaningful in their lives is not an option – and it is going to get done (no excuses). Pam’s life has caused her to go through many phases, from dealing with abuse at a young age, that she kept to herself for years; only releasing this pain to her mother in her adult life. This pain forced her to be shy; something that other children had mistaken for weakness; but Pam turned that situation around quickly. Knowing the “good book” (The Bible) like she does, even at a young age, Pam incorporated the “Golden Rule” (Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated). No matter how mean the neighborhood kids would speak negatively to her (or about her), she would not engage in their foolishness. She only smiled and spoke kindly back to them. After some time had passed, she saw the change in them, less negative but more friendly towards her; turning possible enemies into friends for life.

Pam has obtained a few personal achievements in her life; while working crazy hours in a man dominated profession at United States Steel GaryWorks, in the steel town of Gary, Indiana; the home of a few world-class entertainers, athletes and actors, etc. Pam is all about addressing issues that equals the playing field within the workplace of her company.  She is a long-standing member of the local USW “Women Of Steel.”  She has traveled to Washington DC to be apart of positive changes for the workers in this most needed, but hazardous industry here in America.

She also has obtained her master’s degree. She also became an usher in her church of worship; and a member of the motorcycle riding club, 3D’s (Dream It, Dare It, Do It).

Pam loves to relax during her off or downtime, watching TV, reading and hanging out with her family and friends. Her biggest joy in life is her children, DaJuan J. Wesley and Jordan M. Phillips; and her grandchildren, DaJuan Jr, Deja and DaVaya.

Her daughter, Miss Jordan M. Phillips is tearing it up at Jackson State University while studying to get her bachelor of science degree in Special Education, with a minor in Disability Studies. Miss Phillips grades were so good throughout last year, she made Jackson State University’s, President’s List; which is the highest accolade a student can receive in college school year.

I can write so much more about this “outstanding hidden gem” in the city of Gary, Indiana; that is sometimes known for some negative things. A city with a lot of hard working and honest citizens that will never give up on their city; because it has sometimes not been viewed in a positive light in the media.

Pam has her “voices of reason” in her life; in her dear friends, Ms. Sharntell Marie Smith and her soulmate, Mr. Darryl Hutson; both really fine individuals in their own right. So if you happen to see Ms. Pamela M. Perry driving by one day, wave or blow your car horn at her; to let her know you appreciate her tenacity to survive life’s adversities.

We at Gigare Lifestyle Magazine want to say thank you for being authentic; because that is your real superpower in today’s society. I know this article can’t touch all of your greatness, but we are definitely honored to at least scratch the surface of it; and we know this won’t be the last we hear of you – I’m sure of it. Keep your faith in God, and nothing on this planet can ever break you, young lady.

     Dr. “Coach” Tony Branch
     International Gigare Lifestyle Magazine
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