This Year…You, Me, Us

This Year…You, Me, Us
Elevation = #GREATERNESS
Key Scripture:  1 Corinthians 2:9

This year… Not next year…You, Me, Us – We will soar. YES, WE WILL SOAR!!! Are you hearing me? If not, get a Q-tip, get a damp towel, get a piece of tissue and clean out your ear canals. You need to hear this! Twenty eighteen is the year that we will not only progress, but we will indubitably produce. I am not only decreeing a divine manifestation in our lives, but I am expecting to witness it unravel for each and every one of us this year. The only prerequisite is that we take complete responsibility to keep our batteries fully charged – fully charged with Incredible Faith; the Power of “I.F.” That supernatural level of Incredible Faith that stimulates us, that propels us forward and that snaps us back out of those dark dim moments and places that we may cross along the way. This year!!! Not next year – THIS YEAR!!!

We are in our season of “NOW”. Season of “NOW” breakthroughs, of divine deliverance, of unknown generational curses being broken and destroyed, of exercising the power to defeat the adversary, of standing in the midst of it all with total confidence, and walking boldly in the favor of God. We are in our season of “NOW” to receive a purification of our hearts – a divine healing from wounds that cut us deep during our childhood, in our adolescence and possibly just last month. Wounds that have left scars that still ooze with unbearable pain, unimaginable disappointment, frustration, anger, unforgiveness, rage, and bitterness. Wounds that cause us to shut down, to breakdown, to retreat in isolation and/or act out of character. We are in our season of “NOW” growth, prosperity, anointing, entrepreneurial creativity, greater joy, peace, love, wisdom, understanding and knowledge. I declare it and I stand on it – THIS YEAR – not next year!!!

You see, the best form of success is unequivocally beyond financial wealth, beyond financial status, beyond financial gain, beyond Super Bowl stealth or international fame. There is no greater plateau of achievement than our own individual pursuit of the next level of #GREATERNESS. On this journey called life, it is essential for us to be submissive and willing to evolve cognitively, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually on a daily basis. It is work – it takes great zeal, patience, temperance, courage, determination, lots of tears and late nights, and sacrifice – yet it is worth it! Much like the hands on a clock that go tick-tock, tick-tock, our personal metamorphosis is the ultimate and most essential form of developmental success.

On a natural level we must understand the value of investing in ourselves and then we must actually do it. We must take the time to re-evaluate our plan, our progress, and our purpose. If we need to do a little more research to enhance our knowledge base in a particular area then we must surf the airwaves of the Internet and study. There is so much information available at the click of a button that we really don’t have an excuse. If we need a little one on one professional/personal guidance and assistance then we should talk to a coach or meet with a specialist to discuss our thoughts and emotions. If we desire to be transformed by the renewing of our mind we must go to God and trust His plan and follow His instructions.

On a spiritual level we must continue to seek God with all our hearts, to go to Him in prayer, to listen to His soft still voice and remain confident in His word; which accomplishes what it was sent out to do. We must exhibit the ability to endure long suffering in humility. We must demonstrate what appears to be impossible as possible in our reception, in our response, and in our reaction to opposition, rejection, dysfunctional distraction – to those blows that hit us below the belt and take the very breath that we breathe. We must remain steadfast, unmovable, and planted by the rivers of water no matter what. We must continue to pray without ceasing not because we need to make our prayer request known but because we appreciate and respect the relationship that we have with God. We must continue to fast because we value His input and the spiritual resources He provides to us through His word. We must continue to stand because we are strengthened by the words that He speaks over our lives, the comfort that He provides when we feel alone, and the love He pours out even in the correction and the chastisement.
So, I say it again, “This year… Not next year… You, Me, Us – We will soar. YES, WE WILL SOAR!!!”

By: T.S. Wilson – “Faith”
Your #1 Inspirational Quotes Author
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