All About You – Book Release

By: Symonia Montgomery


“I don’t live to write, I write to live.”  – The VIP

All About You is a poetic masterpiece written by Veraciously Impartial Poet (The VIP).  This collection of poetry takes you on a journey of spirituality, love, heartbreak, and survival. Each poem comes from real life interactions, that develop resilient strength to continue on no matter what.  There is a refreshing honesty that flows through you as you read each line.  This work of art is filled with brief letters simply entitled, Dear You, drawing you in with short but powerful emotional confessions.   All About You allows your mind to take an unapologetic, yet private voyage through your own raw sentiments leaving you with a voracious appetite for her passion for poetry.  Veraciously Impartial Poet is the pseudonym of Symonia Montgomery.  She is an Ordained Pastor, poet, spoken word artist, recording artist, published author, business owner, and most importantly a mother. The VIP first fell in love with poetry in 1986 after reading “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes. She started reciting poetry at the age of 11 although she didn’t begin reciting her own work publicly until 1998…The VIP published her first poetry book “Something to Think About” in 1996 then “Deep In Thought” in 2002 and “Dear God” in 2003. Also in 2003, she became one half of the dynamic poetry group Khaos, with the talented Kahn Davison.  This union produced the CD entitled “It’s About That Love” which was featured as CD of the month on in January 2004. Their title track was included on the CD poetry collaboration, “Fusion: A blend of poetry and music” also featuring Malcom Jamal-Warner. “It’s About That Love” also had a long running stint on Music Choice.  The VIP had the pleasure of being a part of “She Speaks: An anthology of poetry” in 2012. Her work regularly appears in Gigare’ Lifestyle Magazine. Her most current work includes two poems featured in the poetry collection “Lipstick to Lust” which is a fundraising collaboration to raise money for battered women. The VIP holds a yearly youth poetry contest to encourage the creative side of our youth today.  She also host an annual women’s retreat “Just Let That Go” to pour love, hope, self-forgiveness and restoration in the women of the world.  This mother of two has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and a Masters Degree in Strategic Management, with a focus in Finance.  She is the owner of Monie’s Image and her pen is her passion.

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