Book Release: Girl Me Too

Girl, Me Too! Relating to My Sister is a collection of poetry by women taking a stand to make a difference. Each lady poetically expresses her view on facets of real life events. Confronting subjects such as motherhood, business, politics, depressions, love, pain, death, heartbreak, even sex. Using their pen with the purpose to entertain, educate, inspire and empower. Girl, Me Too is not just a poetry collection but rather the beginning of a female movement everyone can become a part of. “Divided we stand strong because we have no choice, but standing together we become an unmovable force in this world.”

“Girl, Me Too! Relating to my Sister” was developed during the personal struggle of looking at life through the other person’s eyes. More often than not, we can only see our side of things; our pain, our loss, our benefit, what we can get out of the situation. We are taught to take care of self-first, but Girl, Me Too! is the beginning of a movement to look at the whole picture; everyone’s loss, everyone’s pain, what we all can get out of the situation. Learning to care beyond our own tunnel vision. This movement starts with an anthology highlighting women poets who go behind their pen to tell the story of others in their own poetic way. You may ask how is that helping or relating to my sister. These women come together in the midst of their busy lives to say “Girl, me too” for every woman that has a story but no way to tell it. They are choosing to be stronger together in an attempt to be the change in the way we relate to our sisters. Lets’ say it together “Girl me too.”

Girl, Me Too! Relating to My Sister
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