Book Review: All About You

by Kahn Santori DavisonKahn

“All About You” is a poetic diary of sorts where The VIP uses her words to blame, ridicule, repent, lash out, and forgive.  Her emotions are on display for us to relate too.  Everyone knows the pain of being jilted by a lover, the self-reckoning of finding your spirit in the maze of a mirror, and the beautiful uncertainty of being in love.   The VIP’s words have a remedial prowess for those who hide behind a bush emotionally or those who need compassionate company while trying to find the medium between life’s ups and downs.

In One More Time, she writes, “my soul recollects what my spirit was forced to absorb and…”Then in the poem Redeemed, “I grew into a wretched, incomplete woman, who knew better, but sinned anyway.”  The following poem, The Same; she tries to find sisterhood in an advisory and is back in love again in, I See You.  The yo-yo content of this book is consistent throughout.  Maybe that’s the way it should be because most times life never gives us everything at the same time.  Sometimes we find out who we are in the boiling waters of heartache (like in It’s Over) and other times forgiveness comes when we have long talks with ourselves and God (as in Father, Forgive Me).

Ultimately in “All About You,” The VIP has stitched together the five million pieces of a shattered soul into something meaningful, coarse, and melodic.  Her tone is one that talks simultaneously to you and through you which means her words are meant to be felt and heard.

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