Independent versus Self-Sufficient


Independent Vs Self-Sufficient

You may say I’m Independent

Cause I live on my own

Pay all my bills, take of my son

But this girl’s not made of stone.

I hold it down, maintain my house

But I’d rather have a home.

Unlike Independent, Self-Sufficient

Wasn’t made to be alone.

Self-Sufficient has respect

When on his words he stand tall.

Independent will not listen

Bet not say nothing at all.

I’m not the type that think I’m right

When it’s all said and done.

I want to hear a man’s perspective

Can’t see full view with just one.

An Independent woman only thinks of herself.

She sets her goals, reaches them

But won’t encourage nobody else.

A Self-Sufficient woman stays on top of her game

If he wants them to be then he has to meet

And this ensures he does the same.

My only gripe with Independent life

Is that you “only need you”

Take a look at what you’ve done

Turning a number into one

That God clearly meant for two.

We have a society of men sitting

around on the couch.

But what would you expect,

when the need for a man

In the Independent life has been put out.

My beautiful ladies you are strong

AND you can hold it down.

But that’s no need to emasculate

And rob our men on their crowns.

“He won’t do this”, “He won’t do that”

But what real chance did you give?

Picking up the slack, Never forgetting that

You are his true incentive.

Independency within itself shows your strength and your might

But that’s all defeated when all you needed

Was a good man who’ll treat you right.

You can know what you want

Not to settle for less and

reserve the right to be picky

Without skipping a beat

take care of your needs

And that is Self-Sufficiency.

Our fellas have been moved from head to tail

in this present time and day.

Ladies, please fall back

Allow our men to get on track

And again lead the way.

They’re knocking them off as if they’re nothing

Our kings’ innocent blood splatter.

It’s up to us to return their crowns.

And let them know that they matter.


Courtesy of and Written by Inspirational Author and proud Mom, Ms. Sharlena Denise


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