LOVE Miscarriage

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If you have ever thought you were in love, if you have ever thought He or She was the ONE and if you have ever had your heart broken you can relate to Jenna. In my latest book ‘LOVE Miscarriage’ Jenna opens up her personal diary to the world. You have the opportunity to walk with her as she finds love in the most unexpected place and just as quickly loses it in the most unexpected way. You will get to see and feel her elation, pain, desperation and healing as she attempts to pick up the broken pieces after what she thought was going to be the love of her life, walks out on her without ever even saying goodbye.

I’m in love with this work and I’m in love with Jenna because her story could be my story, your story or the next person’s story. At some point we have all been disappointed by people who we were sure were destined to love us forever. At one time or another each of us have felt that familiar pain of heartbreak. An invariably each one of us, has had to find the strength and courage to get up each morning, pick up the pieces and press forward. Some of us have even tried love again.

The one thing about love is…. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but in the end trying and losing is better than never feeling the joy.

I am currently accepting pre-orders through the end of January, when the book will launch publicly. All pre-order copies will be signed. You may pre-order by sending an email to

I hope you love the book and Jenna as much as I do. I also hope that her story helps you pick up the broken pieces of your heart if you have ever had a love that died too soon.

Authentically yours,


Excerpt: LOVE Miscarriage


Then I see him. He was about 6ft tall, neatly trimmed full beard, contoured exquisitely to his strong jaw line. As he removed his coat all I could see is the smoothest looking dark chocolate skin. His muscular biceps and forearms accentuated with multiple tattoos. As my eyes scanned him from top to bottom they were welcomed by the sight of some loose fitting jeans that caused my mind to immediately wonder what lied within. (Look you are my diary, don’t act shy!). As I return my gaze upward I see he is wrapped in a light blue T-Shirt that gripped tightly around his massive biceps while simultaneously clinging to his body across his well-built pecs but then falling gracefully around his small waist.


He smiled, not at me but just in general and the whole room suddenly felt warm and inviting. Well I did anyway and that was no easy task considering the chilling temps awaiting my Arizona blood outside. It no longer felt like a crowded club, but more like an intimate gathering amongst friends. I could only stop staring long enough to ask Niecey, “Who is that”???? “Who? Him? He’s the lead singer. That’s Tony Leo” She said all the while pointing directly at him like I have told her a million times NOT TO DO IN A CLUB!. The only response I could muster before returning my gaze back to him was “OMG he is beautiful”! It occurred to me as I resumed my dumbfounded stare that beautiful was an understatement. He was exquisite. I really could not stop staring. I don’t even usually pay attention to musicians. I’m there for the music. But with him, it was different. I could not take my eyes off of him. It was like I was paralyzed. My eyes were fixated on his every move as if they were trying to absorb every curve of his muscular frame, full lips, magnanimous smile and commit each image to memory one frame at a time.

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Back Cover:

What do you do when you suddenly meet the man from your dreams and the love is instant and undeniable? What do you do when you find yourself the leading lady in a whirlwind romance? How do you hold back when he is the epitome of everything you have ever hoped for in a man? What do you do when you fall hopelessly in love with a man and he says, “I’ll be right back babe” and never returns?

How do you begin to heal without answers? How do you recover the broken pieces of your heart when love dies too soon?

Walk with Jenna as she shares her personal journal entries detailing her painful journey through love, loss and recovery. Take the walk with her as she opens up about her inner most thoughts, feelings and fears. Experience the elation as she meets the man from her dreams and the immense joy of falling in love after she’d given up on the possibility of love. Then continue on her journey as she transparently shares her gut wrenching raw emotions as she tries to recover the broken pieces after her heart is shattered into a million pieces when he walks out of her life without a word or a glance good-bye


Marci Batiste is The Nation’s Premier Self-Esteem Enhancer, accomplished author, professional speaker and an advocate for women. After overcoming obstacles such as abandonment, obesity, and domestic violence Marci has become known for her transparency and her authenticity in her messages. She is willing to go places and share things about her life and her story that may seem taboo to many but that is what makes her undeniably one of the most engaging and relatable speakers.

As the CEO and Founder of Sweat Equity Transformations she is committed sharing a message of Self-Love as she encourages women around the globe to stand in their truth and Live Life on Marz. She shares the tools that women need in order for them to learn to say YESSSS to their own happiness without feeling guilty. Self-love is not selfish, it is mandatory. Her mission is to develop a network of women around the world who have a foundation of strong self-esteem and who are comfortable setting healthy boundaries. She wants all women to experience personal fulfillment and a harmony between work, home and life. She is living proof that it is possible to create a world that you want to live in and love the life you live.


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