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Relationships 3D is not just a radio program. It’s a MOVEMENT!! It’s a force to be reckoned with. It’s the vision of 3 unique individuals that came together for 1 mission.  It’s a vision that was 3 years in the making.

Ms. Roslyn Williams, host of Life Matters Today radio show, often had guests on her program to discuss various aspects of healthy relationships. She’d contact Couples, Singles and even Divorcees. She’d have relationship coaches, therapists, ministers, physicians, holistic practitioners, authors… anyone that could give information on building strong, healthy relationships might find themselves on her platform. Because of that, she had Dr. Vernet Joseph and Dr. Turshá Hamilton on her show quite a few times.

3_dimensions_of_hot___spicy_relationshipsOne day, the idea arose that they should collaborate to write a book. 3 different people, coming from 3 different places in life, with 3 different careers joining together to share their thoughts, experiences (both professional and personal), and ideas on Hot & Spicy Relationships.

Though this book took 3 years to manifest, it has not done so quietly. Being the motivated people that they are, the idea of the book quickly morphed into a Facebook group.  The idea was to build a community of like-minded people that have a genuine desire to 1) learn what it takes to have a truly holistically healthy relationship; and 2) Share their experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly – with their relationships.

This quickly morphed into a weekly podcast turned radio show, The Relationships 3D Show that gives the 3 hosts the opportunity to have thought provoking, witty banter about the 3 Dimensions of Relationships – Mind, Body, and Spirit. Listening to the radio show is like eavesdropping on a conversation amongst friends. The conversation is open and honest, and best yet, it can be applied to any and every one.  No matter where you are in your relationship – single, happily courting, goo-goo eyed newlyweds, ride-or-die best friends for life, or been-there-done-that – there is something that you can get out of their conversations.

After working on the book, having great discussions in the FB group, and recording the Relationships 3D radio show, the 3 hosts realized that they cannot stop there! They decided that they needed to do much more because the need is too great. They saw that people were needing, yearning, for ways to make their relationships – ALL of their relationships – healthy. Not just to find out how a couple can have a great, sexy marriage, but how that same couple can grow old and have a beautiful LIFE together. People want to know how to strengthen the spiritual bond between them and the God they serve. People want to know how to think about, speak to, and understand another person. They have a desire to understand how to grow healthier individually and collectively as a family unit. They even want to know how to handle breakups, infidelity, disappointment, and lost love. The people asked, so the R3D Team delivered!!

Because of their strong desire to be a source of encouragement, empowerment, and assistance to the communities they serve, the Relationships 3D team has gone from book, to FB group, to radio show, to BRAND!

The R3D brand currently consists of Books, Seminars, Online Courses, and Talk Shows with interviews of couples and individuals that want to share, know, learn, and grow just as much as our hosts do.

The Relationships 3D team would like to invite you to join them on this journey. Come along, share your thoughts, and ask your questions.  Learn different perspectives and ideas that you may not have considered in the past. Share your testimony with others so that they can hear real-life experiences from other people just like them. Engage in dialogue, whether you agree or disagree, and allow your voice and your experience to be heard. Most of all, join the Relationships 3D Team so that you can create Hot & Spicy Relationships – Mind, Body & Spirit!

For those interested in learning more about the FB group, here is what you should know:

Group Description:

Relationships 3D is a group that was created by Dr. Vernet A Joseph Jr., Roslyn Williams and Dr. Turshá Hamilton. We designed this group based on our 3 different life experiences.

Relationships 3D allows you to have a special way of seeing relationships. It helps you to see experiences, issues, habits and patterns in your relationships. You will begin to look at your relationships from a 3D perspective and not just a linear perspective. We typically see things with the natural eye but how many of us use our spiritual eyes? You can use your senses as well as your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT to gain insight. Blind spots, you once had in relationships will stick out. This group will help you to learn about yourself and others. Your romantic relationships can be HOT & SPICY and your platonic relationship can be HARMONIOUS!!

Ground Rules:

1) No male or female bashing
2) Be Respectful of each participant’s opinion.
3) No offensive language
4) No therapy sessions…
5) No advertising Personal Business
6) Only post material that references relationships.

We welcome your questions, comments, pictures and videos.

Listen in to the hottest relationship show on the air every Monday on Bshani Broadcasting. Join us as we dive into all aspects of Relationships.—3d.html

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