The Delano Story

At first glance, the story of Carolyn and Todd Delano reads like a classic American novel.  Boy meets girl at the wedding of her sister and his best friend.  Fast forward fifteen years and the once young lovers are now married with three healthy children (Vincent 13, Tyson 7, and Sean 2 months), a thriving company, community leadership positions; and live in a beautiful home in one of the more desirable zip codes in the country.

Their true story is one of unwavering belief and commitment to each other through the challenges of life.  Todd tears up to this day; when he shares the story of the moment Carolyn supported his decision to leave a very comfortable six-figure corporate job; and move halfway across the country so that he could pursue his entrepreneurial desires.  “I think the sales pitch at the dinner table that night was that we would move from Houston to the desert, take a $100,000 plus pay cut, move back into an apartment, and ‘Oh yeah’ she could put our young son in daycare and get a job to support the family,” said Todd.  What he did not promise her was that the second year of his new venture would put the couple on the brink of financial bankruptcy.  Unrelenting, Todd’s next business venture, ServRx, Inc. would go on to become recognized by Inc. 500 as the 18th fastest growing privately held health company in the United States.  “She never lost faith in my ability to accomplish my goals, or blamed me for the setbacks,” said Todd.

A young mom, away from friends and family, Carolyn set out off on her personal journey of becoming the bedrock of the Delano family and a community leader in the Greater Phoenix area.  Her personal athletic background, passion for service to others, and the family’s love of sports led Carolyn and Todd to the formation of GiveNGo Youth Hoops, a youth basketball program in the metro Phoenix area.  Growing up in a rural county outside of Houston, Carolyn’s childhood memories are filled with leaders of her community helping with some of the basic things many children take for granted. “I come from a home with multiple siblings and few resources.  My childhood memories are filled with coaches and community leaders who stepped up and made sure that I had rides to practices, athletic shoes and even meals some days,” said Carolyn. Under her leadership, GiveNGo Hoops has become a nationally recognized youth basketball club.

Their philanthropy is not limited to the basketball court.  Basketball is a vehicle that they have used to organize initiatives such as feeding the homeless, basketball camps for at-risk youth, and a leadership development program for current and former collegiate and professional athletes. Additionally, the couple has leveraged the success of ServRx in providing over $100,000 in educational scholarships for Arizona youth.  “Carolyn’s natural leadership qualities are amazing.  Our coaching staff all have Division I and professional basketball experience.  These are Alpha males who have been exposed to accomplished leaders.  To see the respect Carolyn has earned from these men is inspiring.  She is an amazing role model for young girls to emulate,” said Todd.

They will tell you that their personal and relationship success is attributed the following.

Laughter– “We play and laugh out loud daily.”  Both Carolyn and Todd were high school “class clowns.”

Accountability- “We hold each other to a very high standard in both our relationship and personal goals.  Knowing you have someone to answer to at home creates habits that lead to leadership and sustainable success in all facets of life.”

Gratitude- “We cultivate a state of gratitude, daily, for each other and for the blessings we have been given.”

Humility- “Gratitude naturally leads one to a spirit of humility.  We would not be in the position we are in today without the selflessness of others.  This propels us towards a life of community service.”

Service- “We focus on nurturing each other’s gifts and share a passion for serving others with those gifts. Most couples have distinct and separate roles at home.  Our community involvement is a joint effort where we share roles and solve challenges together.  The unanticipated benefits this has had on our personal relationship are profound.”

This is a couple that truly rose above the odds of relationships that could tear the average family apart; but with faith, patience, and belief in one another the Delano family still stands strong. We look forward to seeing and hearing more about the impact and continued success of this beautiful family. When asked about life’s journey, Todd says, “If you can’t be happy about the journey and the process, there’s no end that’s worth the means.”

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