2016 “GLM 40″ Highlight in Travel: The George Hotel Villa

the-george-hotelThe 2016 “GLM 40 Edition” highlights The George Hotel Villa in the area of Travel. “The George Hotel Villa” is a luxury boutique hotel, with the essence of comfort and is well known for offering a personalized stay and attentive staff. Located in the heart of Christchurch, New Zealand overlooking the picturesque Hagley Park and river Avon travelers will find peaceful atmosphere just steps from the cultural center and key attractions. Impeccable service in an intimate ambience is guaranteed at The George, the only Christchurch Hotel with a one-to-one staff to guest ratio. The chefs delight guests with their skillfully prepared innovative cuisine at two award-winning restaurants, 50 Bistro and Pescatore. Its beautiful gardens, fabulous location, and stunning food make The George one of the top international wedding venues.The George Hotel Villa mission is to have a positive impact the larger environment while providing a luxurious experience with a world of fine dining at a Leading Boutique Hotel. We are proud to recognize The George Hotel Villa in the area of Travel for its level of excellence in the year of 2016!

Website: https://www.thegeorge.com/

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