3 Keys On How To Enjoy A Great Vacation

3 Keys On How To Enjoy A Great Vacation

By: Dr. Vernet A. Joseph

I’m often asked the question that seems to be on everyone’s mind this season; how do you enjoy a great vacation?

Ironically, the word vacation and enjoyment would seem to be synonymous; but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Many people have issues unplugging themselves from a busy lifestyle; and don’t actually know how to transition when it comes to vacationing; especially when vacationing with family.

My family and I recently enjoyed a great vacation; when we decided to visit Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Over the years, we had heard a lot about this destination; and decided that we were going to make the trip.

Questions that you should always ask and explore prior to visiting any destination:

  1. What is the destination known for?
  2. What are the most recent reviews from other travelers?
  3. How does this destination support your desired vacation goals?
  4. What is the level of comfort and standard of living as it relates to your lifestyle?
  5. What is it going to cost for the desired experience?

These are 5 questions to ask yourself whenever you decide to travel. The biggest issue when it comes to vacationing is how much will you pay for the experience that you seek or desire. Remember anything worth having is worth working for, and you get what you pay for. Simply put, cheap doesn’t mean better; so take your time and do your research.

Here are a few things that I would like to share with you that will make for a great vacation:

Key One

If you are going to enjoy your life and vacations, from this point forward, key number one: change the way you THINK about vacation. Yes, that’s correct! Most people focus on the wrong things, like how short their vacation may be or the total cost; so they forfeit taking earned vacation days.  The way you think about vacation will determine how or even if you enjoy them. Don’t see taking a vacation as a chore or task to please other people; instead, think of vacation as a time to relax your mind, explore your dreams and rejuvenate your life.

Key Two

The second key on how to enjoy a great vacation is: change the way you FEEL about vacations. Most people feel that vacations are a luxury and that it is only for the elite. When you realize that vacations should be a way of life and part of your lifestyle, things will change. I personally take 7 vacations a year; and I share with my daughters that every quarter, we should be doing something as a family. This allows for us to have at least 4 major memorable moments per year. As an adult, what do you remember about the vacations you took as a child?

Key Three

The third and final step is to change the way you ACT while on vacation. How you act during vacation will determine if you are energized, fulfilled and more productive when you return back to your normal routine. You can choose to be a homebody while on vacation; and miss out on all of the fun and adventure of a specific destination. You can choose to do and eat the exact same thing the entire time you are on vacation; and experience the same old mundane and tired results; but what fun would that be? Being spontaneous and adventurous will cause you to see and do things that are out of your comfort zone.

Our family packed up and took a 4-hour road trip to Mexico. Normally, we would have gone to San Diego, California to enjoy the beach; but after some research, we realized that the beach in Mexico was only 4 hours away; and we would enjoy seeing another country.  We took off listening to a playlist that our daughters created; especially since they brought their best friends along on the trip. The vacation was two-fold. For one, we were celebrating the birthday of my beautiful wife that I have known since the 9th grade, and have been married to for 20 years; and secondly, we were celebrating the completion of a great school year for my daughters. Remember, key one was to change the way you think about vacations. We put special emphasis on the vacation to give it even more meaning.

It was the first time that we actually experienced Mexico, while not being on a cruise.  Actually, the first time we went to Mexico as a family was on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico earlier this year. The cruise was also significant as we made it a spring break surprise celebration for our daughters’ first time being on a cruise.

We drove for hours through the desert; which reminded me of trips to Las Vegas, Nevada; because you literally drive forever until you finally get to this oasis. It was interesting because we all couldn’t wait to see what the border was going look like, as well as what the experience was going to be; especially since our family was traveling with guests.

After crossing the border, it reminded me of a deployment experience; as there were multiple street peddlers and vendors eagerly trying to make a sale. We must have driven for at least another hour after the border before the beauty of Rocky Point appeared on the horizon.

We were amazed, as it looked like someone just dropped this beautiful oasis from the sky in the middle of nowhere. Bella Sirena was our destination of choice and it did not disappoint. Upon arrival, we checked in at the front gate to receive our credentials (which were needed to be on the premises). I tell you it was almost like Ft. Knox; because without credentials, you could not roam the property. This was extremely important as people always talk about safety when going to Mexico. We were appreciative as safety is always a priority whenever we travel; especially since we were accompanied by the girl’s best friends.

The property was immaculate, it featured over 7 different pools, two of which were infinity pools, a swim-up bar and fantastic bar and grill with delicious meals prepared to order. The villas and townhomes were beautifully decorated and very spacious. The view from our villa balcony featured a private pool and hot tub. We were only a few feet away from the bar and grill and a brisk 5-minute walk to the beach.

We thoroughly enjoyed the property and maximized each of our 5 days on Puerto Penasco. Day one, we enjoyed the pools and beach right away. We hadn’t been there more than two hours before we took to the banana boats. We ended the day with a nice sunset birthday dinner at El Capitan Restaurant overlooking the city. It had one of the most spectacular views I had seen in a long time. As we ate dinner with our friends and family, who drove from Arizona to surprise us, it made me think of how precious life, friendship, and relationships really are.  Learning how to appreciate life is something that I don’t take lightly.

On day two, we took to the local marketplace; as It is imperative for me to get immersed in the culture of every destination that I am blessed to visit and experience.

On day three, we enjoyed ATVs, as we toured the innermost parts of Puerto Penasco. I tell you we hit the streets in style jammin’ to the tunes of today’s top hits.  What an awesome experience watching my girls and wife navigate the ATV experience. After having a blast on the road, we hit the local shops to pick up souvenirs and trinkets. One of the things I always look for when I travel is a license plate commemorating the location.

On day four and five, we literally were beach bums enjoying the waves and sandy beaches. I tell you they had massage therapists right on the beach, vendors making Pena Coladas, and peddlers selling everything from jewelry to sunglasses.

We really enjoyed ourselves in Puerto Penasco; and look forward to multiple getaways in the future. If you are thinking about going to Rocky Point for a weekend, I recommend you check out Bella Serena, as we loved it and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about having an awesome vacation. Remember, if you change the way you think, feel & act about vacationing, you will start enjoying your life and appreciate the time you invest in your vacations.

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