2017 “GLM 40” Highlight in Food: Chef Amadeus



The 2017 “GLM 40 Edition” highlights Chef Amadeus in Food. Chef Amadeus is more than “just a fella that loves to cook.” He is a Food Network Winner, the creator of Southern Passion Spice line (salt-free line of spices), host of both Extreme Food Fights and the Southern Passion Lounge. Chef Amadeus has taken his passion from the apron strings of his roots in Philly and Puerto Rican culture. He fuels his desire and passion to be more creative when preparing dishes for his clients from a love of flavors, food, and the joy of his guests full stomachs. Chef Amadeus honed his skills in the U.S. Navy while cooking all over Europe, West coast, East coast, Caribbean and back to his mother’s kitchen. He has accepted frequent invitations to provide training and mentorship to young chefs, especially his fellow sailors. His passion and generous heart has no limitations; so this year he has partnered with another local Chef to support the Humanitarian Hugs relief in Texas since the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. We are proud to recognize Chef Amadeus in the area of Food for his culinary excellence and sharing joy to those in need through food during the Holiday season in the year of 2017!

Information and pictures courtesy: http://www.nationalblackguide.com/celebrity-chef-amadeus-food-network-winner-host-extreme-food-fights-joins-hugging-houston-initiative/



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