“GLM 40” Highlight in Food: Technofoodology


Our GLM staff have selected Technofoodology as an honorable highlight in the area of Food.  Technofoodology also known as Home Food Delivery is a phenomenon that has exploded in 2018. With the hustle and bustle of busy careers and family life, this was the best thing to ever happen to a grocery store. More things to accomplish and less time to do everything on the “task list”. People are saving time and eating healthier because of this new technofoodology wave. Artificial Intelligence like: Alexa, Google Home, and other home-based assistants are helping to push home food delivery as a new “normal” way to buy our foods. Customers can easily replenish their food pantry and restock fridge by asking Alexa to reorder from Amazon, or hitting Siri for local options like Food Lion or Walmart. In 2018, technofoodlogy took eating right and keeping healthy options are your fingertips to another level. We are proud to recognize Technofoodology in the area of Food in our 2018 “GLM 40” Highlights Edition!


Information Courtesy: https://www.forbes.com/sites/phillempert/2017/12/13/10-food-trends-that-will-shape-2018/#3758c3604104

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