Let’s See The World

Craig with members of Travel Junkee in JungfraujochLet’s See The World

Let’s See The World

With the invention of the world wide web, it’s become easier to learn just about anything you want. We have the ability to learn about any country and culture we want. We can see pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Egypt and the beaches of Saint Maarten. But what’s better than seeing pictures of these spectacular, breathtaking places? Seeing them in person!

Since his parents took him on his first family trip to Disneyland, Craig Henry has been in love with travel. When we set out to talk with Craig for this issue, in true Craig fashion, he was visiting a new country. France was the destination of choice this time.

Craig was excited to let us know he was on his eighth trip this year; and planned to travel to 13 countries this year.

We wanted to speak with Craig because we came across his Facebook Page called, “The Travel Junkees.” Craig welcomes members of the group to share their travel experiences, hidden gems of travel, tips, and pictures. Daily you can find members sharing their experiences of travel around the world.

For Craig, it’s not just about eating at fancy restaurants and seeing landmarks; he truly believes that there is a wealth of knowledge you can receive from traveling locally and abroad.

Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine: Tell us about your first trip.

Craig Henry: It was amazing. When my parents told me that we were going to fly from Chicago to California to go to the most magical place on the planet, I couldn’t believe it. This was huge for my family; our trips usually were going up the road to visit uncles and aunts; and hanging out with my cousins. To get on a plane was a big deal.

GLM: Where did the idea come from to start the Facebook Group, “The Travel Junkees?”

CH: When I would return from my trips, family and friends would ask me about my experience. When they would travel, they would ask me about the best places to see in that country. I thought it would be a good idea to create the page to share information and inspire other people to travel. Too many people don’t take advantage of the opportunities to travel.

GLM: Why do you think more people in the US don’t travel? I recently read an article that said only 36% of Americans have a passport.

CH: For one, I think people don’t think they can afford it. But that’s just not true. With a little planning, a little saving and research, you can find some great deals. For instance, I just put together a trip to Cairo, Egypt that includes stays in Jordan and Jerusalem this October for only $1600, flight and hotel included.

GLM: That is amazing!!!

CH: I know right. There are many deals like this if you are willing to do a little research.

GLM: With the creation of businesses like AirBnB and Uber, travel has become even more accessible, don’t you agree?

CH: Yes, for sure. You can find great places to stay. There is really no reason not to travel.

GLM: Besides seeing all the great sights. What else can people learn from traveling?

CH: I have met so many wonderful people from around the world. You tend to think that we are different, but the truth is that we are very much alike. We may do things differently, but for the most part, we are trying to accomplish the same thing. Take care of our families, enjoy life and earn a living. I also think traveling gives you a different perspective and helps you appreciate all people.

GLM: What advice would you offer our readers about taking their first trip?

CH: First off, just do it. Get your passport and go. If you can’t go to another country just yet, explore new things in your own state. Then travel to other states. Create a wish list of places you would like to see. Find friends that have a desire to travel as well. Check out our website: www.thetraveljunkees.com and join our Facebook Group. We are on Instagram as well. You will thank yourself for getting out and seeing the world.

GLM: Craig, thank you for taking the time to chat with us, I know it’s pretty early over there in France. I’m sure you have a fun day planned ahead, so we won’t keep you any longer.

CH: Thank you for the opportunity. Yes, this Europe trip has been amazing!

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