Passport Check: Are You READY To Go?

Passport Check:  Are You READY To Go?

By:  Marquez Hughley

Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert / Consultant
Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.

It’s officially summer and vacationing has begun for many families.  Whether people are loading up the car for a road trip or taking a flight to somewhere relaxing, it’s indeed the time for a break to refresh and rejuvenate.  Even though it’s the right time for people to be traveling since their kids are out of school; I often wonder how many people are truly READY to take their vacationing to another level in regards to traveling abroad?  When I say, “ready,” I mean actually prepared to travel with a valid passport on hand.

If I had a free vacation trip to give away to a location like Paris, France or to the Grand Cayman Islands, many people wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the offer; not because they wouldn’t like to visit those places; but because they don’t have a passport or their passport hasn’t been renewed.  That seems like an outlandish situation; but if you would ask a few people at your workplace or in your neighborhood or at your church if they have a valid passport, you would probably be surprised by how many people either don’t have one OR it needs to be renewed. I’m sharing from experience; because I was also one of the people who needed to get my passport renewed.

Last year, I was thinking about some countries I wanted to visit; but I never made any concrete plans because I needed to start the passport renewal process. Even though the renewal process isn’t difficult at all, I kept procrastinating with completing the form and mailing off the requirements. Around the end of 2016, I made a decision that I wasn’t going to keep putting this off; and I definitely didn’t want to miss a grand opportunity for me to either travel abroad as a speaker or minister; or to just travel for leisure and relaxation. In either case, I wanted to be READY; so I made sure that I sent the documents in for renewal at the beginning of 2017.

When my passport came back, I was so excited to receive it; even though I hadn’t truly planned out a trip overseas yet! Just the fact of now being “capable to go” again made me feel good. I even posted a pic of the outside cover of my US passport on Instagram and Facebook. I know some people might have been thinking, “What’s so great about you having your passport that you needed to post a pic about it?” You see, my passport represented my access to the world!  I really love to travel; and especially to different countries.  Having lived in Europe for almost 5 years due to my time serving in the US military, it really broadened my horizon in regards to different nationalities, cultures, and languages.  Now that I could officially book a flight to almost anywhere desired again, I really have to sit down and decide where I should go first!

I’m ready to get back out there and see more of the world. I feel like people have such “small thinking” because their exposure has been significantly limited.  The more we expose ourselves to what’s going on around the globe, the more we realize that we’re more alike than we may have originally expected.  I want to take this time to ask you, “Do you have a valid passport?” It’s never too late to apply for one if you’ve never had one; and if you simply need to stop the procrastination and submit the renewal, do yourself a favor and get moving! Don’t let life pass you by. Time is not waiting for any of us. I encourage you to live your Crown Life; and foreign travel is just one of the ways for that journey to begin!

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Marquez Hughley
Author / Speaker / Leadership Expert / Consultant
Crown Life Enterprises, LLC.

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