“GLM 40” Highlight in Travel: Sarawak Rainforest Malaysia

Our GLM staff have selected Sarawak Rainforest Malaysia as an honorable highlight in the area of Travel. One of 2018 travel’s most buzzworthy destinations, emerging trends and sought-after trip was going Sarawak Rainforest in Malaysia. In the age of technology and social media, people were looking for ways to balance screen time and enjoying life real-time earlier this year. Malaysia jumped to the top of many travel “must see” lists because of it’s ancient history, beautiful rainforests, peaceful unplugged atmosphere perfect for meditation and excitement of the Sarawak Music festival. The earliest known human settlement in Sarawak at the Niah Caves dates back 40,000 years. A series of Chinese ceramics dated from the 8th to 13th century AD was uncovered at the archaeological site of Santubong. While the Rainforest World Music Festival is the region’s primary tourist event, attracting more than 20,000 people annually. The festival features a wide range of performances from traditional music, to world fusion and contemporary world music. The festival emphasizes the beauty of the rainforest while using traditional acoustic world instruments to share their culture with their visitors, although electric accompaniment instruments are common. The festival was been awarded as of the best International Festivals six consecutive years and places Malaysia squarely in the top international destinations list. We are proud to recognize the Sarawak Rainforest Malaysia in the area of Travel in our 2018 “GLM 40” Highlights Edition!


Information Courtesy: Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival and

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