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Have you ever imagined yourself on an island experiencing the best that life has to offer? If so, where or to what part of the world would your imagination take you? Dreaming is free; but wouldn’t you want to make those dreams a living reality? Traveling and vacationing are two great past times, despite where you come from. They both are the universal language for decompressing and stress relief.

Kenroy Herbert is the Managing Director of Leviticus Lifestyle and Travel, a first-class, luxury lifestyle and travel concierge service company that produces experiences of a lifetime in the Caribbean and worldwide.

Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine: When would someone use Leviticus Lifestyle and Travel?

Kenroy Herbert: Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our Private Membership and Corporate Services are designed so that everything is catered to our members’ preferred level of assistance and tailored to their personal requirements.

GLM: What are some of the most popular things that Leviticus Lifestyle and Travel offers?

Kenroy Herbert: From last-minute restaurant reservations and bespoke travel itineraries, to international property searches and accessing private schools and tutoring – we are the preferred service chosen by those who are keen to enjoy the very best life has to offer.

GLM: What specific services set Leviticus Lifestyle and Travel apart?

Kenroy Herbert: We offer a plethora of services that range from Lifestyle Management, Unique Experiences, Luxury Travel and Concierge Services.

  1. In life there are a lot of expectations. For instance, when you’ve achieved extraordinary success, you expect to live an extraordinary lifestyle. One of the things you also discover is that planning vacations, purchasing your dream home, finding the latest & best eateries, and coordinating social activities are incredibly time-consuming.
  2. When you look back on your life, what is it that you’re going to remember?
  3. How do you define luxury travel? People’s perceptions of what makes travel luxurious seems to vary wildly.
  4. You may ask; why hire a concierge. These heavy workloads and long days often result in time-deprived lives.

GLM: What fascinates you about this business?

Kenroy Herbert: Honestly, I like turning my clients’ unique, extraordinary, and even crazy ideas into one-of-a-kind moments.

GLM: How has your lifestyle helped you to create these experiences for others?

Kenroy Herbert: I love and crave adventure; and there are many travelers who are into adventure nowadays. Some want to race boats/cars, or jump out of airplanes; and I enjoy giving them what they desire. Whether it’s an extraordinary adventure or something a little more low-key, like brewing a few cases of beer in St. Kitts, Leviticus is there to serve.

Below are just a few of the villas on the beautiful island of Anguilla. We have over 32 white sandy beaches that you can enjoy; because we are a slice of heaven here on earth. Check out the Leviticus Lifestyle teaser and picture yourself indulging in the luxury of your choice.

Leviticus Lifestyle Video teaser


Villa Kishti Black Garden Anguilla presented by Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel


Tequilla Sunrise Villa presented by Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel


Ani Villas Anguilla presented by Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel


Nevaeh Villa Anguilla presented by Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel


Villa Anani @ Kamique Little Harbor Anguilla


Cerulean Villa by Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel


Sandcastle Villa Anguilla presented by Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel


Villa Kishti Meads Bay Anguilla Presented by Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel

Leviticus Lifestyle & Travel is a Lifestyle Management & Luxury Services Company. We provide service to our members and clients 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

“We give the gift of time.”

From solving everyday life hassles to arranging last minute getaways. From regular errands to finding the perfect home. From last-minute restaurant reservations to bespoke travel itineraries. From walking your dog to organizing memorable parties. From villa rentals to property management.

Leviticus Lifestyle is the go-to service for anyone who wants the gift of time and enjoy the very best life has to offer. We are the premier, Caribbean lifestyle management service; and are keen to provide the very best in service wherever our clients & members happen to be.

We continue to strive to never say no to our clients; no matter how unusual, extravagant and downright crazy the request.

Let your imagination be our business,







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