The first “Restaurant Week” was thought up by Tim Zagat and Joe Baum in New York City. Tim Zagat is the founder of Zagat Survey which covers restaurant guides in cities all over the world. The pair planned the first NYC Restaurant Week in 1992 to coincide with the Democratic Convention. The week long event has become such a success it has grown to encompass four weeks in New York City, instead of one week. The general concept is that local restaurants partner with local tourist organizations or chambers of commerce to promote a week of lunch and dinner specials. Restaurants aren’t the only businesses to benefit from Restaurant Week. It helps increase tourism, therefore increasing businesses for hotels, stores and other local businesses. Cities and states can use Restaurant Week as a platform to showcase their area and build their culinary reputation. The concept has also spread across the country to cities and states, who participate in their own version. Now let’s talk about the newest version of this concept: Black Restaurant Week (BRW). BRW seems to have started in NYC as Black Owned Restaurant Month in 2015 then “morphed” into BRW is Houston during 2016. So this is a fantastic new idea!!

Black Restaurant Week RICHMOND (BRWRVA) is here in 2017!!

This is a awesome opportunity for Black-Owned restaurants to offer dining deals to bring in new customers, stimulate economic partnerships, and raise awareness. BRWRVA allows the community and Virginia to support minority owned eateries. Restaurant week is not a new concept to the culinary community we are just adding some diversity and extra weeks to enjoy delicious meals. So, If you believe supporting Black restaurants play a crucial role in achieving socio-economic upliftment, and the sustainable implementation of these beliefs will strengthen our communities and open opportunities for future generations SUPPORT a local Black owned restaurant in your area…THIS WEEK!

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