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Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta Is A Complete Blast To Play


After just one week in the high octane trenches of the Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta, more than just the COD faithful here are singing its praises. First off, this is just a beta, and yes there are times, though limited, where the gameplay will slightly glitch, often leaving you emptying your clip into an enemy player without recording a kill. Or you just complete a match and the top three player are not revealed and the match performance overview is completely blank leaving the other players unable to see your stellar K/D ratio and kill count.

Again, these mishaps have been very rare occasions for our week long digestion of the experience. Aside from this we are of the opinion that veterans of the series should be right at home with this stylish new multiplayer direction of the Black Ops series. Our opinion in a nutshell, even in its beta state, the multiplayer experience has an addictive attraction about it that we can’t put down, we’re loving it!

Over the course of the past year we have heard the concerns surrounding Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, with the main gripe founded on the games dynamic maneuverability, seeming like too much of a leap forward for the series, Black Ops III feel more like a tamed leap forward. With no more over the top swift misdirections, supported by the exoskeleton abilities, Black Ops III takes a page from the Titanfall traversal system, in addition to offering a great feel to the trigger pull excitement.

For a beta Black Ops III offers quite a bit of content, with up to four maps, a leveling cap of 40, a weapon design customization system, some very cool character options and more. For the past week the beta has been a blast to play and thankfully we only have just a few more months before we’re neck deep into the full experience.

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