Appointment of Regional Veteran Business Leadership

National Veterans Business Group Announces Additions to its “Veteran Business Leadership”

The National Veterans Opportunity Coalition (TNVOC) announced members of its Veteran Business Enterprise Input Committee (VBEIC). The VBEIC is an appointed committee of Veteran Business Owners who convey the needs, concerns and considerations of the veteran businesses to the Coalition Board and leadership. The VBEIC members are appointed according to the region where their businesses are located. The VBEIC is responsible for monitoring the activities of the Coalition in serving Veteran Businesses nationwide.

TNVOC Vice President Ben Fatola stated, “We are pleased to announce the appointment of three Regional VBEIC Committee Members. Appointed from the Western Region are: Dr. Vernet A. Joseph, Owner of “Live to Produce Enterprises, LLC”. Dr. Joseph is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, productivity speaker and strategist; and Dr. Will Moreland, Owner of “Will Moreland International, LLC”. Dr. Moreland is a highly sought out Business and Transformational Leadership Coach. Appointed from the Southern Region is: Narcisse “Nikki” Taplin, Owner of “Business Salutetions”. Veteran Business Owners who have shown a commitment to the growth and development of the Veteran Business Community are who we want to work with.”

Ron Williams, Service-Disabled Veteran – U.S. Air Force, and President of TNVOC, shared, “TNVOC was created to actively serve the Veteran Business community nationwide and so it only makes sense that they should have a voice and input into how we make that happen. We are very transparent in the execution of our services. If a Veteran Business Owner wants to get actively involved with our organization, we are always open to adding to the Leadership Team. All registered Veteran Businesses in our portal are eligible, no matter where you are located across the nation. Any interested Veteran Business Owner looking to get more involved, should just reach out to us. Our #1 priority is to help Veteran Businesses Connect, Grow, and Succeed.”

About The National Veterans Opportunity Coalition (TNVOC)

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, TNVOC is the pre-eminent National Veteran Business Service organization that “actively” supports Veteran Business Enterprises daily in connecting, growing, and succeeding. TNVOC has over 16,000 Searchable VBEs in its portal, and utilizes the latest tools and technology to send out daily an average of over 2,500 Bid Notices and Procurement Opportunities. TNVOC is also the premiere Veteran Business Service organization that can service corporations and government entities with sourcing for Veteran Owned Businesses. TNVOC’s dynamic virtual business environment allows for interactive relationship building, which is critical for growth. The organization assists veteran business owners in training and gaining essential skills, needed to connect, grow, and succeed. More about the organization can be seen at:


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