Acknowledgement to my wife: The journey has been a challenge, but I am grateful and wanted to thank you for helping me see! You personify the definition of Empath and have the vision and foresight to lead and foster change.


Let me begin by painting a very grim portrait of our current society. We live in a country where the wealthy live extraordinary lives and receive pardons, and the homeless starve and sleep in alleys. We dare not make eye contact with the homeless, for we may actually feel something. Pity, remorse, disdain. Look away; it’s easier anyway! We live in a country where our veterans fight for our liberties, but are ignored upon return from harm’s way, are homeless, and are committing suicide at an alarming rate. The VA won’t even take care of them. Have you ever thanked a Vet for how he/she sacrificed for you? Taken for granted, and cast aside. Fight for your country, and the reward is discarded as if you were nothing. We live in a country where the laws and mandates are dated and ineffective. Don’t even try to figure them out unless you want to fall asleep. We live in a country where tax reform means that yet another benefit that we have earned, is being eliminated. We live in a country where our elderly live in doubt of how the next health care cut will affect if they get to live or die. We live in a country where corruption and deceit are so rampart, they are assumed to be status quo. We live in a country where there is still gender, racial, and age discrimination. We live in a country where the hate crimes, and attacks on unknowing citizens are unprecedented. We live in a country that has lost its way, and the moral structure is in a state of ruin. We live in a country where people have just given up, and don’t even try. We live in a country where love thy neighbor is just a phrase that our ancestors used, and the Golden Rule is just a saying that our parents and grandparents used to say. Does anyone have an idea what it means anymore? By the way, the golden rule is: So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. The simple truth is that the state of affairs is truly very sad, and if we are complacent, and do nothing at all, what is our legacy? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could say that I took on the challenge and at least tried to make a change. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and seeking a different result. Aren’t we already there?

Are you outraged at the social injustice in the United States, and the world, in general? We are! Are you wondering why there are limited reform programs for the ever growing homeless population, and military veterans in crisis? We are! Are you wondering why the racial battle is still senselessly being waged in 2018? We are! Do you struggle with the fact that females earn less than their male counterparts? We do! Does the fact that anyone who is different is looked down and discriminated against upset you? Yes! Do you wonder why the real issues are not reported, but the sensational ones are? We do! Are you tired of all the corruption and deceit from local politicians all the way to the White House? We are! Do you often question why is it so complicated to make a simple change? We do! Are you just tired, fed up, and ready to act? We are! Have you yet figured out how to talk to each other, rather than a text? We have!

If any of the information in the preceding two paragraphs resonates with you, then you can clearly understand the reason my wife and I founded Empath Holdings Inc. We simply found ourselves watching news feeds, reading the paper, and being informed, and found that we were utterly disgusted. So, we said let’s shift the paradigm, and get on board to do something unique and special. We decided that we would do our part to invoke change, and possibly motivate others to champion our cause. We believe that a spark can ignite a fire, and we hope to have the honor to strike that spark that ignites a wildfire of change. First, we had to find a name for our company that symbolized what our mission was. My brilliant and creative wife actually identified a name that struck a chord with her. The name was Empath. An Empath is a person who is gifted in sensing other peoples’ emotions and is allowed to feel other peoples’ pain to help cope and help heal with others emotional scars. How fitting is the name of Empath when developing a company and model to deal with the issues of the world? After discussion about the direction of this venture, John Wagner and Heidi Davis co-founded Empath Holdings, Inc on Oct 16, 2017. Our goal is to provide forums and public speaking engagements, where like-minded people can meet, communicate, learn, and motivate one another. Although we may not offer a solution to these deep rooted issues, we strive to provide essential tools to help you navigate the dysfunctionality of the current situation, and function more effectively. Although the system is incredibly flawed, being aware and informed can provide great strategic and positive benefit to life complexities.

Many people are uninformed regarding the current situation, from legislative reform, to health care changes. People need current information in order to make important life decisions. Our forums are comprised of experts in key areas to provide an education to raise public awareness. These events foster an environment, which allows for the exchange of thoughts and promote personal growth. Typically, our panels contain experts from the following fields: Business and Financial, Social Justice, Empowerment, and Legal and Ethics, to name a few. A person may come to an event, and learn how to open a business, navigate tax savings or incentives, or something as key as filling out a will. The education will continue to be diverse and target the key issues that we all face on a day to day basis. We are confident that we provide a learning environment that will greatly assist a person who has that profound desire to learn and grow.

An important part of our agenda is to empower people to be the best that they can be. Information and education translate to a more powerful and complete person, and can trigger confidence and change, thus leading to personal growth. We believe that all of us have the right to be at our best, and the right information, at the right time and place, we can accomplish just that. We seek to build upon an individuals’ innate talents, and to stimulate the creative mind. The free flow of ideas will spark a renewal of enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence.

You never know that the next person that you meet could completely change your path and life. Please take a chance and come to an event. We are Empath Holdings, Inc, and we seek to do our calling to help others. After all, that is the role of an Empath.

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