A President of The People

A President of The People of Burundi Africa

The current President of Burundi Africa, Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, is a unique man and president indeed; because of his personal journey to the presidency. President Pierre Nkunrunziza just recently won his third election, to maintain the highest position in the country. A position that he takes seriously, that fills him with pride; because of his commitment to making his country better. Burundi Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world; but that does not stop this country from having obtainable goals; especially in the area of education.

The 51-year-old president came to power after a civil war that left about 300,000 dead. He was elected by Parliament to be president in 2005, not by voters like most world leaders; a position that he has held for over 10 years now. President Nkurunziza has stood strong in the face of coup attempts to try to remove him from power, from former Army loyalist. Like all presidents of the world, President Pierre Nkurunziza has opposition from varies parties within his country, and of course critics; which comes with his position of authority as President of Burundi Africa.

The world needs to know how this man of faith has improved his country during his time as President, and continues to do even today; and has no signs of stopping this progress. One of his biggest & proudest programs to date that he started has been the Saturday morning mandatory, 4-hour work day; that each Burundian works for the country building schools / infrastructures. Education is very important to the President of Burundi; who himself had a college degree before he became a “Rebel Leader”.

A man who believes in leading by example, is often seen rolling up his sleeves, and digging in the soil building new schools; in his “Community Work Program.” This innovative model has produced about 6,000 schools, 34 universities, and 3500 medical centers; all a direct result from his “Community Work Program.” The President believes if a community works together, they won’t tear down what they built. Building the country brick by brick, and side by side; makes every Burundi citizen responsible to each other for its success.

The President of Burundi is a “born again” Christian, who often leads the palace in “Praise & Worship” on Sundays. A man who is not afraid to display his faith, and welcome others to practice their own religious faith openly. Burundi Africa’s Army is now ethnically mixed, as stipulated by the constitution, adopted as part of the peace process; that President Pierre Nkurunziza helped get signed.

The President’s wife Denise and five children, are big sports fans; they all love Football to the point that the President is a team owner of his own football team named, Hallelijah FC; along with his own choir as well. He is often seen playing with the team, he is a “striker” that scores regularly. The President has built stadiums, to also help build the nation; to see once rival tribes, now playing football side by side against one another in the stadiums built; not war.

President Pierre Nkurunziza is truly a man of the people, who has brought peace to Burundi Africa; and the capital of Burundi (Bujumbura) is looking that much brighter these days. The President also loves planting fruit with the farmers of his country, especially the avocado trees, which are legendary in the countryside. The local farmers renamed the popular green fruit, Ama Peter, because of the President, and his love for the fruit. He loves mingling with the village farmers, in remote rural areas; where he spends a lot of his time.

President Nkurunziza is at peace with his faith, and what his has done with the country of Burundi under his presidency. The President’s father would be very proud of his son, if he was still alive today; but he was killed in a 1972 massacre of “Ethnic Hutus.” The President’s father was Catholic, and his mother was Anglican; who truly loved one another. The President of Burundi often looks back over his life, graduating college with his degree in Sports Education, being a teacher and a lecturer; at the University of Burundi. He also coached the Army Football Team “Muzinga,” in Burundian First Division Team in the 1990’s.

As stated earlier in this story, the President of Burundi Africa has had a different climb to his presidency than most other countries’ presidents. What makes him a very special individual, that his actions speak louder than his words; and he’s not afraid of getting dirty, and to be personally involved with improving his country’s outlook in the future, and globally.

This story moved me as a writer, because there is so much more I could have said about the uniqueness of President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi Africa. I wish him and his country nothing but the best in the future; because this country refuses to be looked at as one of the poorest countries in the world. They will challenge all countries in the classroom; if nothing else…

“Education will always be power, all across the land; in whatever country, you may live.”


Anthony L. Branch

Goodwill & Peace Ambassador for iChange Nations

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