Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers Receives Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

     It was a nice sunny day with a light chill / breeze in the air on Friday, January 19th in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill. There were talks of our government shutting down because of the every day politics (back & forth) that goes on in our nation’s capitol; the most powerful place in the world.
     With all of that said, I was here as a special guest of one really unique individual; along with others within his special ceremony delegation, on this historic day. Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers’ name will forever be itched in our country’s history in the Library of Congress, for his enormous work in bringing civility and peace in our nation; as well as other countries around the globe.
     Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers has just the won the 2017 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, for his tireless / selfless work in volunteering his time throughout our country; over 4,000 hours to say the least. Dr. Clyde Rivers is almost never home in Victorville, California. The message of hope & love that he speaks of passionately is needed & requested statewide. If you are ever blessed to hear him speak, or just be in his presence, you will never forget it (this I promise). Ambassador Rivers is a dynamic speaker that you will not easily forget; and his messages are always relevant.
     The Ambassador was nominated by Dr. Jason Renville, who is a Human Rights Representative within the United Nations in New York City. Dr. Renville is a well known TV Show Host and a recent iChangeNations National Statesmen Award Winner, along with Dr. Vernet A. Joseph Jr.
     This unique award, The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, was established by President George W. Bush; which is not a political award, but an award of the people. To be picked as the 2017 national winner of such an award leaves each winner breathless; and I personally witnessed this experience with my own eyes. The nomination for Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers was made during the last administration; but was presented to him during this Administration, with a proclamation by the sitting President of the United States of America.
     As many of us already know, Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers wears many hats nationally, as well as globally. He is the Founder & President of iChangeNations, an international organization known throughout the world in at least 120 countries, and highly recognized by the United Nations in New York City. He is also the “At-Large” Ambassador for the country of  Burundi Africa. He closely works with the President of Burundi in regards to humanity issues & peace concerns. He truly believes in the “Golden Rule,” treat others as you want to be treated; and this basic concept will always lead you to a peaceful solution in all of life’s endeavors.
     We would like to thank Dr. Ruth Mizell, who was President George H.W. Bush’s campaign manager, for her kind & encouraging words on this day. Plus, her personal tour of capitol building, areas that is not normally seen by outsiders of our government elite or present sitting senators, etc. It was a honor to be apart of such an historic day on Capitol Hill; a day that I personally will never forget. Thank you for thinking of me and others that day; specifically, the exclusive twelve individuals who shared it with you, sir.
                                                              Dr. Tony Branch
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