2018 Civility Rule Trailblazer Award Winner

When you seriously love what you do and turned it into your life’s mission, society can only benefit from your existence. On April 12th, 2018 in Gary Indiana, the birthplace of The Jackson Five, and a few other notable individuals in American History; Ms. Louisa Akaiso was presented as the first recipient of the 2018 iChange Nations Golden RuleCivility Rule Trailblazer Award.” Louisa’s meaningful and outstanding contributions to important issues that face and affect the female gender did not go unnoticed; which will truly serve the betterment of mankind overall. This young and innovative lady from Suffolk, Virginia is proven, but above all things in her life, she says, “I’m far from being done.”

Louisa’s passion, compassion, and inner strength come from her hero, her mother, the late Ms. Uduak Koffie Abia, a humanitarian in her own right. Now, her daughter Louisa is carrying her mother’s legacy to an international level. Louisa works with children & young ladies, between the ages of 6 and 30 years old. Louisa is educated, certified, and highly qualified to be a trailblazer in the areas that constantly pulls at her heartstrings on a daily basis. Ms. Louisa Akaiso is a Civility Trainer & Leadership Expert, with focuses on Image, International Protocol; just to name a few.

Louisa, with her multicultural background, and being of African descent, works confidently with leaders from all around the world; who place importance on their reputation. She has over 10 years of experience, with her cutting-edge holistic approach and passion for empowering people worldwide. She is the founder of a non-profit organization called, “Soyounique Initiative,” that focuses on the development of Civility Leaders (a program for women and girls); along with an entrepreneur program for women called, “Acceleration Blueprint.” This program is helping them all birth their dream because the world biggest commodity is our young women, mankind can not seriously advance; without truly advancing our women as well in various areas.

Louisa worked many years influencing and building individuals in different career paths. She is a witness and can testify herself, how important the role of Civility & Leadership presence is when it comes to setting a standard. Over the years, Louisa has learned from some of the best, she is John C. Maxwell certified, and served as the Executive Director for the Maxwell Team at one time. She was the Women’s Human Rights Advocate, with the Women’s Human Rights Institute in Toronto Canada; and Vice President for Toastmasters International in Canada as well.

Like I previously stated above, please check out some of Louisa’s stats, then you will say for yourself; how awesome this young lady is among the rest of her peers. She has degrees and other certifications in Business & Professional Communication from West London College of London England, and the University of Toronto Canada. She is also an Image Strategist & Consultant with the renowned International Image Institute in Toronto Canada. Selected as a John C. Maxwell Delegate Member, to conduct a National Not-For-Profit Project known as “Transformacion” in Costa Rica. She is definitely a game changer, not only stateside but as you can see Internationally as well. She admitted to me that with all of her personal awards, this award “The Civility Rule Trailblazer” goes right up there as one of her personal favorites. To have it presented to her by Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers (President and Founder), who is known globally on the world stage for civility, and him being the At-large Ambassador for the country of Burundi Africa; is like icing on the cake for her.

Take a bow young lady, and rest your superwoman cape, just for a few minutes because you truly deserved it. Gigare Lifestyle Magazine wishes you the best always, but most of all, never stop being the “best that you can be,” the world can’t survive peacefully without individuals like yourself. “spread your wings and soar,” continue to be the “voice of reason” for a lot of us, especially the female gender of the world.


Dr. Tony Branch

“ICN International Freelance Writer”

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