Great Things Do Come In Tall Packages

When you are in the presence of Dr. Ona C. Miller, there are many words that come to mind to describe her character. An innovative thinker, community leader, champion for women issues, spiritual, and a very knowledgeable person.

When I originally met Dr. Miller last year, immediately I felt her power because you know when you’re in the presence of something and someone special. I knew one day, even back then that if the opportunity presented itself, I would love to interview this young lady; to better understand her, and learn what makes her tick. Well, fast forward to the present; today is that day! You are going to see why Dallas Texas is so proud, to call her one of their own.

Dr. Ona C. Miller comes from a strong stock, that raised her in Tyler, Texas. Her parents Mr. Afanual Miller & Mrs. Kaye Miller gave their daughters what they needed to be successful in today’s society. It all started with their faith and the support of their family; which are two forces in this world that we all can control. Ona & her sister the infamous Ms. Ina K. Miller, are women that you will notice first and foremost because of their height and their outgoing personalities. They are two sisters that truly love being around each other, smiling and enjoying life; while doing their best not to deal with anything that has negative energy.

Ona was honored last year in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers; of the Global Faith-Based Organization “iChange Nations.” She is presently working on completing her training, to become a certified iChange Nations Statesmen.

Ona’s ability to connect with people from different cultures is her greatest asset; she uses it to benefit society. She is an outspoken opponent on relevant issues, that are facing women today. A true believer of equality for all, as she believes the time has come to address and correct the wrongs in our history.

Ms. Ona C. Miller has her Ph.D. in Education and Organizational Leadership that she consistently uses on daily basis. Ona works extremely hard but is not an all work, and no play type of person; she enjoys her share of personal relaxation. She loves being at home watching TV, but above anything else; taking over the mall with her sister Ina.

She hopes to do more international traveling, to absorb the culture and interact with other women around the world.

She is an author and Christian ministry leader.Dr. Ona C. Miller is involved in a not-for-profit organization to help women be more confident with who they are and create balance in their lives (while pushing beyond society/gender barriers). Ona is a natural born leader and is not afraid to speak her mind. Her mother always encouraged her to stay focused, on things that are important to her; especially when others might not understand her personal convictions.  The trait of standing alone has always displayed her strength in the eyes of her Naysayers.

Her father is her rock and foundation, who taught her how to be unstoppable. Ona is a strong believer in building relationships and being a team player. She’s a very positive person and has just as much compassion for animals as she does for humans beings as life is life to Ona.

Ona was awarded the Women Of Global Solutions Award, at the Golden Rule International Award Gala in Grand Rapids, Michigan; by Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers on November 4th, 2017. Ona is engaged in motivating, teaching and training individuals in the area of Civility. She wants to develop and consult others to help them reach their highest potential. As a purpose-driven woman, Ona manages her time wisely as she understands there is no time to waste.

Education Is power, and personal development is one of Ona’s pet peeves. She is a leader in Accounting & Finance Management, a certified Life Coach, and Speaker Trainer Coach. These are just a few of her many qualifications.

Ona’s a person in the state of Texas, that other Texans need to know as she is a force to be reckoned with. The positivity in this young lady is very contagious, and this is something our country really needs more of today.

Dr. Ona C. Miller you were definitely a person, I was glad to meet in 2017. You will always have a friend in me. Your future is brighter than the Northern Star, in the clear skies of a perfect Dallas, Texas night. 

Gigare Lifestyle Magazine wishes you all the best, in all of your future endeavors; which we all know will be successful.

Stay great, and stay encouraged; because our better tomorrow is counting on it.

                       Dr. Tony Branch 

       iChange Nations Freelance Writer

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