I Just Love People

I Just Love People


We occasionally meet individuals who claim to love people, but I have not met anyone like Dr. Michal P. Pitzl. She has committed her adult life to traveling around the country, and now the world to engage people and their cultures; to bring forth civility and love globally.

Michal was raised by two loving parents, Mr. Michal Pitzl & Mrs. “Donni” Pitzl; who both introduced their daughter to the Christian lifestyle very early. This solid foundation propelled Dr. Michal P. Pitzl to new impactful heights, in her very interesting life of global giving. She met another world changer along her journey, Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers in 2007 who eventually became her mentor; and started traveling with him a month later. These two people had a divine calling on their lives, so this was a partnership made from heaven, as some might say; but executed here on earth.

Dr. Michal knew for many years that her life would be full of serving people, and ultimately all mankind. She would engulf herself in other people’s cultures, so she could truly understand their problems and try to proactively help fix them. She honestly feels there are no problems too big if we all work together because with our strength collectively we can achieve anything.

As a child, she joined her mother in teaching and developing curriculum for her classes as a church youth pastor. This is when she knew she was hooked on the teachings of the Lord because she loved empowering people, from the teachings of the Bible.

Growing up Michal loved to watch the TV Show Jeopardy because it challenged her mind & knowledge about worldly things. She also loved playing competitive Volleyball and later became a high school volleyball coach. Dr. Michal expressed to me wholeheartedly, how she loved spending a lot of time with her nieces and nephews. She is definitely about her family because that’s where she gets her basic foundation.

Dr. Michal P. Pitzl became the youngest Chancellor, of a major International College (United Graduate and Seminary International) 10 years ago. She is also iChange Nations Global Education Director, along with a new book being released co-authored with Dr. Clyde Rivers, entitled Authorship Education. It is a new life-long learning system, based on 93% of the world; not receiving a higher education. The overall goal is to empower individuals who have the skills required to create philosophy.

Here are a few of Dr. Michal P. Pitzl’s accomplishments, because the list is way too long to actually list them all.

1. Chief of Protocol for Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers, of the International Faith-Based organization iChange Nations; known throughout the world.

2. Dr. Michal Pitzl lectures and trains instructors internationally.

3. Prof. Michal Pitzl has developed a multicultural curriculum, for online distance learning and instructor training worldwide.

4. Academic Achievements- Bachelors in Human Development with Teaching Certification; Bachelor Degree in Theology. She also has a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Doctorate in Biblical Counseling and Philosophy.

5. Dr. Michal P. Pitzl is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Divinity, as well as an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities from Fuerzay Honor International El Salvador.

6. Prof. Michal Pitzl is the Co-founder of the Life Coaching Model, for the University Of Theology.

One of Dr. Michal P. Pitzl favorite quotes is actually one from the world of sports, particularly the NBA. “Excellence is the gradual result, of always striving to do better.” – Pat Riley

As you can see Dr. Michal Pitzl, is not your average person, because of her love people and her genuine uniqueness. She truly has the ability to change the world! To some that might sound foolish, but to her it’s a challenge, and I wouldn’t ever count her out.

The world is a better place to live, because of individuals like Dr. Michal P. Pitzl; and our blessings will always be with you.

Dr. Tony Branch

iChange Nations Goodwill & Peace Ambassador

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