Sydney C. Allicock Honored by ICN

“The environment & people were worth saving, in my country of Guyana.”
The Founder / President of the International  Faith Based Organization, “iChange Nations,” made a planned visit to the wonderful country of Guyana, South America; to present the “ICN Man of the Year of South America” to the Hon. Sydney C. Allicock, MP.
Mr. Sydney C. Allicock, came from a large family; he being the oldest of his parents’ children, and a surrogate parent to his younger siblings. As Sydney got a little older, he started working at a young age; and also got married young. He too had a large family as well (9 children); that later produced him 25 grandchildren that he loves dearly.
Sydney was a common man who started out as a cattle herder and a Balata (tree gum trapper); and he served in his country’s military briefly. Sydney’s jobs took him across the country of Guyana, and what he saw was not encouraging for his “indigenous people;” he saw the stagnation of the Guyanese people; who was waiting for the government to do everything. Sydney understood immediately if anything was going to change, he had to get involved in his country’s politics; to try to change the outlook of the people & country.
Mr. Sydney Allicock was elected Toshao (Chief), of the Anni & North Rupununi Regions in 1989; where he was also the Chairman of the Rupununi District Development Board (Tropical Forest). Sydney often remembers life of the native people was “hard, but sweet,” finding ways to make a living from the forest; without destroying the forest at the same time. Watching the invasive exploitation of the natural resources, and stripping the land just never set right with him. He believed in conservation and those who knew it, lived it. He understood things needed to change, if survival of the forest & his people was going to happen.
Tourism began heavy with experiments in Sydney Allicock’s native village of Surama; which really kicked off the tourism craze with nature watching, jungle survival courses, boat trips, etc in 1998. 70% of the villagers were now making income from the tourism efforts; known as Community Based Tourism. This model has developed large hotels in the area; that helps generate needed income to help preserved the precious forest; Sydney’s vision was now in full effect.
Sydney’s advocacy is not limited to the environment, and the people who lived in the area; he pushed education as well (an important part of Allicock’s agenda). In 2002, he was one of the key parties, in setting up the “Amerindian Institute;” now called “Bina Hill Institute For Research.” The institute provides training in areas of Natural Resource Management, Cultural Preservation, Economic Development; and Local Relevant Research (Solar Powered Computers, provide Internet Access, and host Radio Stations that broadcast part of the time in “Makuski Language”). One of Sydney’s biggest accomplishments in his opinion, was setting up “secondary schools.”
When Sydney won the “Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Award,” for excellence in 2010, in the area of Public and Civic Contributions for his advocacy work; for the Guyanese “First People.” He used a lot of the monetary portion of this Prestigious Award, to help move forward a lot of his vision; by helping some promising young people in Guyana attend medical and law school..
This is just a few of many reason why Dr. Clyde Rivers, and his Faith Based International Organization, saw a great need to recognize the Honorable Sydney C. Allicock; during his recent visit to the great country of Guyana South America (June 12th 2017). Dr. Clyde Rivers the Founder & President of iChange Nations, the world largest “Honoring Organization;” named the Hon. Sydney C. Allicock South America’s Man Of The Year.
In the absence of the Hon. Sydney C. Allicock, the Vice President Minister of Indigenous People Affairs; his award was accepted by the Vice President’s Assistant Mr. Errol Ross (due to an unforseen situation, that took the Hon. Sydney C. Allicock out of the country).
The Hon. Sydney Allicock’s vision will “help eradicate poverty from the world,” says Dr. Clyde Rivers of this great humanitarian. “To have such a leader in the country of Guyana, and the world; that is caring for the next generation” (Clearly stated by the President of iChange Nations, Dr. Clyde Rivers of the United States of America). In addition to winning “iChange Nations” Man Of The Year Award in South America, the Hon. Sydney C. Allicock also received the iChange Nations “Challenged Champions and Heroes Award;” for being a champion for the Indigenous People of Guyana. The award is given to men & women that are championing those with challenges in life. Sydney Allicock is a strong example of a role model, that others should look to follow; because his passion & commitment is surely for the people of his country & the world.
The Golden Rule dialogue expert Dr. Clyde Rivers, has put out a plea to every leader of the world, please let us all “Treat Others The Way We Want To Be Treated,” which is the Golden Rule way; as the Vice President of Guyana the Hon. Sydney C. Allicock is already doing. 10 other Guyanese males were recognized for their personal efforts, to help advance the people of Guyana; by being awarded Golden Rule Goodwill Ambassadors.
Dr. Clyde Rivers the President of iChange Nations stated, that his organization is focusing on thanking/recognizing great people of the world, that are preserving humanity & serving others; and making the world a better place. 120 nations of the world today, has partnered up & recognize the need to follow the Golden Rule; under Dr. Clyde Rivers honor system.
May the Honorable Sydney C. Allicock, continue to be a “visionary” for his people and his country. The world is better because of men like him; because his visions are for all people of planet earth.
“Stay blessed and encouraged always.”
                     Mr. Tony Branch
 Golden Rule / ICN Goodwill Ambassador
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